Mrs. Bindle

Read by Don W. Jenkins

(4.8 stars; 49 reviews)

Herbert Jenkins' most popular fictional creation was Mr. Joseph Bindle, who first appeared in a humorous novel in 1916 and in a number of sequels. In the preface to the books, T. P. O'Connor said that "Bindle is the greatest Cockney that has come into being through the medium of literature since Dickens wrote Pickwick Papers". The stories are based on the comedic drama of life at work, at home and all the adventures that take place along the way. It becomes clear as the stories progress that Bindle would not be who he is without Mrs. Bindle, and this book seeks to tell the stories of the Bindles from the distaff point of view. (Summary by Wikipedia and Don W. Jenkins) (6 hr 57 min)


Chapter I Mrs. Bindle's Lock Out 38:40 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Chapter II Mrs. Bindle's Washing Day 31:33 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Chapter III Mrs. Bindle Entertains 41:36 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Chapter IV The Coming of Joseph the Second 25:52 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Chapter V Mrs. Bindle Burns Incense 23:15 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Chapter VI Mrs. Bindle Defends Her House 33:24 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Chapter VII Mrs. Bindle Demands a Holiday 23:33 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Chapter VIII The Summer-Camp for Tired Workers 27:31 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Chapter IX Mr. Hearty Encounters a Bull 28:12 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Chapter X The Coming of the Whirlwind 37:44 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Chapter XI Mrs. Bindle Takes a Chill 36:48 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Chapter XII Mrs. Bindle Breaks an Armistice 27:32 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Chapter XIII Mrs. Bindle's Discovery 41:44 Read by Don W. Jenkins


(5 stars)

The narrator makes the book. His portrait of Mrs Bindle is priceless

big t

(3.5 stars)

just plain funny,and loved Mrs bindles voice😄

(4 stars)

Modt wonderful and madterful. narration and writing.


(5 stars)

it would be worth listening to this book ONLY to listen to the reader perform Mrs. Bindle's favorite retortsm! I have listened to this book easily a dozen times. it just gets funnier. belly laugh funnier. the writing of the Bindle series is fabulous, but our dear reader who performed all three(!) makes it hilarious, though sentimental in spots . oneof my absolute favorites!

And now we hear from Mrs. Bindle

(5 stars)

So Mr. Bindle has had his fun, now it is time for the Mrs. But, as you recall, she's a bit of a stuffed shirt. People are always trying to make trouble for Bindle by stirring up issues with his wife. Oh but what a finish! I hope you enjoy the stories as much as I have. :-)

(5 stars)

very good reading. let's have some more!😉

so entertaining!

(5 stars)

silly stories and read well

Don W Jenkins , doing all the voices, poor old Bindle.

(5 stars)

I loved it, thanks .I have now sadly read them all!a wonderful narrator with all the voices!Don W Jenkins! thanks.