A Prairie-Schooner Princess

Read by Sharon Kilmer

(4.7 stars; 217 reviews)

The story of a Quaker family's journey from Ohio to Nebraska beginning in 1856. They encounter a mystery which leaves them an orphan girl who will forever change their lives. Blizzard, the Civil War, and Indians and more Indians fill this great adventure which tests their faith and ingenuity while shaping their loves and futures. Summary by Sharon Kilmer. (10 hr 12 min)


The Strangers 13:54 Read by Sharon Kilmer
The Grave In The Desert 14:14 Read by Sharon Kilmer
Princess 13:59 Read by Sharon Kilmer
Leaving The Old Home 24:22 Read by Sharon Kilmer
Westward Ho! 21:11 Read by Sharon Kilmer
In Which The Pioneers Hear Alarming News 11:49 Read by Sharon Kilmer
A Night Of Horror 23:40 Read by Sharon Kilmer
Joe Meets A Friend And Makes an Enemy 30:50 Read by Sharon Kilmer
Red Snake 17:15 Read by Sharon Kilmer
Nebraska 19:15 Read by Sharon Kilmer
The Prairie Fire 14:53 Read by Sharon Kilmer
A Nebraska Dugout 15:47 Read by Sharon Kilmer
The Minne-to-wauk-pala 14:38 Read by Sharon Kilmer
The New Home 16:30 Read by Sharon Kilmer
Building The Sod House 26:39 Read by Sharon Kilmer
In The Hands Of The Enemy 22:27 Read by Sharon Kilmer
Eagle Eye 15:22 Read by Sharon Kilmer
A Life For A Life 32:49 Read by Sharon Kilmer
How Joe Came Home 28:00 Read by Sharon Kilmer
Eagle Eye Remembers 19:18 Read by Sharon Kilmer
The Blizzard 16:41 Read by Sharon Kilmer
To The Rescue 19:46 Read by Sharon Kilmer
Christmas On The Prairies 23:48 Read by Sharon Kilmer
Ruth Makes A Discovery 14:17 Read by Sharon Kilmer
The Dispatch-Box 10:30 Read by Sharon Kilmer
Trouble Brewing 15:44 Read by Sharon Kilmer
War 33:59 Read by Sharon Kilmer
In Camp And Field 13:41 Read by Sharon Kilmer
Home Again 28:01 Read by Sharon Kilmer
Ruth Receives A Surprise 11:01 Read by Sharon Kilmer
Joe Hears A Strange Story 28:10 Read by Sharon Kilmer


surprisingly good

(5 stars)

I wasn't expecting to enjoy this book so much. It is so sweet. the reader does it with so much love that I have a hard time faulting her for some mispronunciations. I would definitely recommend this to those who love a little bit of spoonfed History and sweet stories of loving families.

A story of love, trials and heartbreak.

(4.5 stars)

It is a story of how hard life was for the people of the pioneer. They lived a life that many of us now a days would not be able to stand. They were strong, resilient, and ready to deal with life as it came. But they depended a lot on their trust in God and their faith. This is a story of how a somewhat young couple who had 8 children but lost the baby, who traveled from everything and everyone they knew to a wilderness full of hardship, hostile indians and prairie fires, found and made a new life in the west. The reader Sharon Kilmer does an excellent job. I enjoyed listening to her.

(5 stars)

I never thought that this book would be so interesting! I was trying to find a suitable book for me to listened to, but I couldn't find one. finally I typed in "praire books" with no hope, then I came across this one. I didn't know what to think about this book mostly because of the title, (It is a bit misleading) but I was very surprised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even the beginning of this book is interesting!!!!!!!! it is a must read 🤭 or listened to.


(2.5 stars)

The narrator does a decent job. The title of this novel really doesn't do the book justice as it is not a girly story! (The main character is male.) This is a good book for children of both sexes and women who enjoy authors like Janette Oke. Although I wouldn't call it a "gripping" story, it flows well and really teaches a lot of the struggles and successes, small and large, of the antebellum American pioneer.

(5 stars)

An awesome tale depicting the courage and tenacity of those God-fearing pioneers, whose faith and trust in God, guided and protected them through many a trial and hardship, many a joy - whose delight was godliness and contentment, and in their end, was rewarded with a most glorious heavenly abode. All tears wiped away and sorrows eclipsed with long awaited expectation fulfilled.

Great Adventure Story!

(5 stars)

Loved the mystery and beauty of this story. The plot was good, and the history bits didn't annoy at all. It seems a bit like a mix of Little House on the Prairie and the style and mystery of Grace Livingston Hill. Well read for the most part.

(5 stars)

A great book, but the title is a bit misleading. The story is mostly told from a young man's point of view. It's got all the aspects of pioneer life set around the time of the civil war. A sweet friendship of three pairs grows into something much more.

Good story reading

(4 stars)

Previous reviewers correct. Not girlish story. Does teach ethics issues & values between age groups & nationalities. That includes notions that foreigners, including Indians, can be either good or evil. Personal character development is not optional. Happy reading!