Adventures of the Teenie Weenies

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(4.8 stars; 3 reviews)

The Teenie Weenies are people two inches tall who live under a rose bush with "real world" size materials made from discarded objects like hats, jars, barrels, kegs, and boxes - all of which were gigantic to them. Each Teenie Weenie has a unique personality that both names them and defines how they interact with the world and each other. The General is in charge and runs the tiny village, the Cook of course is in charge of food, the Fireman, the Policeman, The Turk, the Indian, The Cowboy, the Chinese Man, Grandma, Grandpa, The Lady of Fashion and many many more have many adventures. These stories are not long and if popular I might post more Teenie Weenie books. - Summary by Phil Chenevert (2 hr 37 min)


The Teenie Weenies - Who They Are and Where They Live 9:29 Read by Kara Shallenberg
The Easter Egg 4:56 Read by Kara Shallenberg
The Rain Came Down By the Thimblefull 4:20 Read by Kara Shallenberg
Gogo and the Cook Run Across an Early Bird 3:32 Read by Kara Shallenberg
The Dunce Picks a Soft Place to Fall 4:50 Read by Lynne T
Help! Policemans ! 4:33 Read by Lynne T
Fuzzy-Wuzzy 3:40 Read by Lynne T
The Chinaman Asks for a Cistern 4:08 Read by Mary Kay
The Doctor Saves a Bird 4:55 Read by Rosslyn Carlyle
Friday the Thirteenth 5:46 Read by Lynne T
An Invitation 6:12 Read by Lynne T
The Mouse Back Race 5:01 Read by Lynne T
A Watermelon Feast 4:36 Read by DVoice
The Dunce Gets Stuck in a Plate of Taffy 3:44 Read by DVoice
The Great Field Day 4:10 Read by DVoice
The Dunce Pulls a Tooth 5:07 Read by DVoice
An Adventure With a Frog 4:41 Read by DVoice
Something About A Bear 5:28 Read by W Bryant
The Invention 4:09 Read by Rosslyn Carlyle
The Great Ball 6:14 Read by Joanne Rochon
A Most Unlucky Mouse 4:12 Read by misakafukuyama
Mrs. Mouse Asks a Favor 4:21 Read by Lynne T
The Scotsman Goes South 4:14 Read by Rosslyn Carlyle
Fire! Fire! Fire! 3:09 Read by Rosslyn Carlyle
The Dunce Takes a Tumble 6:57 Read by Rosslyn Carlyle
The Clown Falls Off a Stool and Knocks Down a House 3:59 Read by Rosslyn Carlyle
The Army is Put to Rout 6:25 Read by Rosslyn Carlyle
Coughing Syrup 5:18 Read by Lynne T
The Clown Has a Narrow Escape 5:35 Read by Rosslyn Carlyle
A Squirrel To the Rescue 4:45 Read by W Bryant
A Christmas Present 3:48 Read by Natalie Paula
Mother Bunch Drinks a Toast 4:53 Read by Natalya