Round the Red Lamp: Being Facts and Fancies of Medical Life

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(4.3 stars; 14 reviews)

This is a collection of short stories focussing on the problems that present themselves to physicians and surgeons in the course of their work. The volume is named "Round the Red Lamp" as a reference to the red lamps that marked general practitioner's offices in Arthur Conan Doyle's times. - Summary by Carolin

(7 hr 20 min)


Behind the Times 11:58 Read by Peter John Keeble
His First Operation 15:08 Read by Greg Giordano
A Straggler of '15 35:52 Read by Anna Simon
The Third Generation 23:32 Read by Lynne T
A False Start 33:15 Read by Lori Arsenault
The Curse of Eve 25:21 Read by Tanica
Sweethearts 13:49 Read by Peter John Keeble
A Physiologist's Wife, Part 1 29:02 Read by Dewaldo
A Physiologist's Wife, Part 2 28:12 Read by Dewaldo
The Case of Lady Sannox 24:19 Read by Suprada Urval
A Question of Diplomacy 32:02 Read by Suprada Urval
A Medical Document 26:07 Read by Suprada Urval
Lot No. 249, Part 1 24:46 Read by Peter John Keeble
Lot No. 249, Part 2 19:19 Read by Peter John Keeble
Lot No. 249, Part 3 28:00 Read by Peter John Keeble
The Los Amigos Fiasco 17:40 Read by Leanne
The Doctors of Hoyland 27:18 Read by Leanne
The Surgeon Talks 24:23 Read by Claudia Salto


Great stories of doctors life in 19th century

(4.5 stars)


(4 stars)

A delightful collection of tales from the fertile mind of ACD. Most of the readers were good.

(2.5 stars)

Some stories didn't have much to do with doctors. Some revolved around sentiment & love. From the title I expected doctors & medicine to be the focus of every story. The 2 chapters by Suprata were difficult to fully follow.