Round the Red Lamp: Being Facts and Fancies of Medical Life

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(4.5 stars; 22 reviews)

This is a collection of short stories focusing on the problems that present themselves to physicians and surgeons in the course of their work. The volume is named "Round the Red Lamp" as a reference to the red lamps that marked general practitioner's offices in Arthur Conan Doyle's times. - Summary by Carolin (7 hr 20 min)


Behind the Times 11:58 Read by Peter John Keeble
His First Operation 15:08 Read by Greg Giordano
A Straggler of '15 35:52 Read by Anna Simon
The Third Generation 23:32 Read by Lynne T
A False Start 33:15 Read by Lori Arsenault
The Curse of Eve 25:21 Read by Tanica
Sweethearts 13:49 Read by Peter John Keeble
A Physiologist's Wife, Part 1 29:02 Read by Dewaldo
A Physiologist's Wife, Part 2 28:12 Read by Dewaldo
The Case of Lady Sannox 24:19 Read by Suprada Urval
A Question of Diplomacy 32:02 Read by Suprada Urval
A Medical Document 26:07 Read by Suprada Urval
Lot No. 249, Part 1 24:46 Read by Peter John Keeble
Lot No. 249, Part 2 19:19 Read by Peter John Keeble
Lot No. 249, Part 3 28:00 Read by Peter John Keeble
The Los Amigos Fiasco 17:40 Read by Leanne
The Doctors of Hoyland 27:18 Read by Leanne
The Surgeon Talks 24:23 Read by Claudia Salto


(2.5 stars)

Some stories didn't have much to do with doctors. Some revolved around sentiment & love. From the title I expected doctors & medicine to be the focus of every story. The 2 chapters by Suprata were difficult to fully follow.


(4 stars)

A delightful collection of tales from the fertile mind of ACD. Most of the readers were good.

(5 stars)

As usual, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle at his best👍🏼

Great stories of doctors life in 19th century

(4.5 stars)