An Inland Voyage

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(3.9 stars; 6 reviews)

As a young man, Stevenson wished to be financially independent and began his literary career by writing travelogues. This is his first published work, written at a time when travel for pleasure was still a rarity. He and a friend traveled by canoe through France and Belgium and he relates how they were thrown in jail, mistaken for traveling salesmen and became embroiled in gypsy life. - Summary by Lynne Thompson

(3 hr 56 min)


Preface 3:50 Read by Greg Giordano
Antwerp to Boom 8:21 Read by Kara Shallenberg
The Willebroek Canal 11:46 Read by DJRickyV
The Royal Sport Nautique 10:33 Read by Lynne T
At Mauberge 9:02 Read by Lynne T
On The Sambre Canalised 10:27 Read by TheLadyAmy
Pont-Sur-Sambre -- We Are Pedlars 11:39 Read by Lynne T
Pont-Sur-Sambre -- The Travelling Merchant 10:16 Read by Alan Mapstone
On The Sambre Canalised To Landrecies 10:38 Read by Lynne T
At Landrecies 8:53 Read by Lynne T
Sambre And Oise Canal -- Canal Boats 9:56 Read by Greg Giordano
The Oise In Flood 13:51 Read by Phil Schempf
Origny Sainte-Benoite -- A By-Day 9:07 Read by Denise Nordell
Origny Sainte-Benoite -- The Company At Table 9:52 Read by Denise Nordell
Down The Oise To Moy 11:37 Read by Gabriela Cowan
La Fere Of Cursed Memory 13:10 Read by Gabriela Cowan
Down The Oise Through The Golden Valley 4:39 Read by Alan Mapstone
Noyon Cathedral 10:52 Read by DJRickyV
Down The Oise To Compiegne 5:06 Read by Lynne T
At Compiegne 10:06 Read by Greg Giordano
Changed Times 12:53 Read by Greg Giordano
Down The Oise: Church Interiors 9:52 Read by KHand
Precy And The Marionnettes 16:49 Read by KHand
Back To The World 3:38 Read by Greg Giordano



(2.5 stars)

It has its moments, but they are few and far between.