Quest of the Golden Ape

Read by Mark Nelson

(4.3 stars; 230 reviews)

How could this man awaken with no past—no childhood—no recollection except of a vague world of terror from which his mother cried out for vengeance and the slaughter of his own people stood as a monument of infamy? - Summary by Gutenberg text

Note: The files list Randall Garrett as author. More recent research has shown this to have been written by Paul W. Fairman and Stephen Marlowe. The audio files have not been changed to reflect the change in author attribution. (4 hr 3 min)


01 Mansion of Mystery 5:33 Read by Mark Nelson
02 The Great Clock of Tarth 8:42 Read by Mark Nelson
03 The Man in the Cavern 8:01 Read by Mark Nelson
04 John Pride's Story 9:43 Read by Mark Nelson
05 Question Upon Question 13:48 Read by Mark Nelson
06 On the Plains to Ofrid 10:21 Read by Mark Nelson
07 The White God 8:36 Read by Mark Nelson
08 The Brown Virgin 20:26 Read by Mark Nelson
09 In Custody 8:35 Read by Mark Nelson
10 The Road to Nadia 10:21 Read by Mark Nelson
11 On the Ice Fields of Nadia 14:16 Read by Mark Nelson
12 Volna the Beautiful 17:29 Read by Mark Nelson
13 The Journey of No Return 29:19 Read by Mark Nelson
14 Land Beyond the Stars 15:49 Read by Mark Nelson
15 The Golden Ape 14:09 Read by Mark Nelson
16 The Raging Beast 22:40 Read by Mark Nelson
17 The Prison Without Bars 25:20 Read by Mark Nelson


Reads like a lost Burroughs' novel

(5 stars)

I had never heard of this book. I was searching a list of books read by Mark Nelson and it sounded interesting. I'm glad I gave it a listen. It is very much in the style of Burroughs' John Carter of Mars and Pellucidar series. It's shorter than I expected and when I was on the final chapter I thought there was no way it would get wrapped up and I assumed I'd be searching for a second book to see it through. Nope, somehow the entire story was completed in the final minutes. Despite the rushed ending the story was intriguing and the characters were colorful. I wish the setting had been fleshed out over 2 or 3 books. The world was imaginative and the characters were just starting to grow on me when everything ended. As always, Mark Nelson is the main attraction. His reading is impeccable and he can transmogrify a mediocre story into a page turner (which is probably in his best interest since he is the one turning the pages).

(5 stars)

great book will read by Mark Nelson great job. I enjoy listening to the book that Mark Nelson narrates. He gives life to the story wonderful.

Just ok.

(3 stars)

I was kind of of disappointed, it felt like I was listening to a abridged retelling of Edgar Rice Burroughs, "John Carter Mars" series. There was nothing remotely unique in the story. Mark Nelson did an excellent job of reading as usual.

The most backward bumbling book I've ever read

(1.5 stars)

Mark caused me to stick to the end. The hero in this book was so upsetting. He just stumbled his way to the last full stop. He even managed to kill himself... its a No from me Bob....

Last book read by Mark ❤️‍🩹 I hope there are more to come!

(4.5 stars)

i have no doubt if Mark narrated it,, and friend from Borneo approved that it can be a bad one ,i can rate this one before even hearing it ✌️👽🖖🇧🇦

Unusual and fascinating

(4 stars)

I really enjoyed this story and the reading was most excellent. it's an interesting and unusual tale with a neat plot twist or two along the way. a fine adventure

Pretty good

(4 stars)

Starts getting a little old toward the end. Good author just not his best book.

(5 stars)

that was a wonderful book I enjoyed it very much I think you will too David