Five Sci-Fi Short Stories by H. Beam Piper

Read by Mark Nelson

(4.2 stars; 356 reviews)

Five short stories by classic science fiction writer H. Beam Piper.

(5 hr 15 min)


The Answer 30:48 Read by Mark Nelson
Temple Trouble (part 1) 45:56 Read by Mark Nelson
Temple Trouble (part 2) 36:57 Read by Mark Nelson
Flight From Tomorrow 56:10 Read by Mark Nelson
Police Operation (part 1) 42:58 Read by Mark Nelson
Police Operation (part 2) 42:58 Read by Mark Nelson
Police Operation (part 3) 23:21 Read by Mark Nelson
Graveyard of Dreams 55:09 Read by Mark Nelson


Really good

(5 stars)

Really good stories by the author - well thought out and detailed syfy. Excellent delivery by the orator

great stuff!

(5 stars)

Only half way through and I'm already downloading all the other Piper books read by this very excellent narrator. Really interesting, clever plots that go in directions I never seem to anticipate. Glad to be introduced to this author through such a great reader of his work.

Charming and brief

(5 stars)

A quaint bit of sci-fi from one of the most entertaining authors. And well narrated, as always, by Mark Nelson.

Five SciFi Short Stories by H.Beam

(5 stars)

Well read. Enjoyable fun imaginative plots and strong themes, pleasantly short stories all well paced and all with fine endings . Thanks!

ignore the music at the beginning

(5 stars)

every story starts with some awful music and sound effects, worry not though there are no dodgy sound effects In the readings. well read, as is every sci-fi story this reader. the story content is varied, not all stories were good to me, but there's going to be at least 3 stories you'll like

Good Short Stories from the Classic Era

(4 stars)

H. Beam Piper was a SF author who was most productive in the early 1950's. Although some of his references sound dated, the stories stand up well over time. Very enjoyable!


(5 stars)

Great stories read by Mark Nelson. What else could you possibly want? I enjoyed this very much.

(2 stars)

It is get to be bother some the story are starting to be incomplete and I may do way with the app