The Cat: Its Natural History, Varieties and Management

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"The origin of the domestic cat (Felis domestica) is a subject about which there has been much conjecture and scientific discussion, but without any positive issue. Very long before the cat was kept in this country as a domesticated animal it was possessed by the ancient Egyptians in a tame state, and was, moreover, held in reverence by that remarkable and superstitious people, being regarded sacred to the goddess Pasht. As the domestic cat in different parts of the world will breed occasionally with the wild races of the locality, and as cats are conveyed from country to country, it is probable that our cats are of somewhat compound pedigree. It is considered probable that our fine English tabbies have a trace of the British wild-cat blood in their veins, although it may be obscure." - Summary by the author

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General Characteristics 7:21 Read by Linda Dougherty
General Characteristics, continued 19:06 Read by csheeler
Food 9:57 Read by krzys
On the Management and Treatment of Cats 10:11 Read by Kara Shallenberg
Domestic Varieties 17:08 Read by MariaS
On the Diseases of Cats 18:25 Read by Phil Schempf
On the Diseases of Cats (continued) 23:59 Read by Phil Schempf
Essay on Feline Instinct, part 1 28:41 Read by Jill Engle
Essay on Feline Instinct, part 2 31:18 Read by Jill Engle



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I think this book should be removed on the management section it talks about drowning excess kitten which lacks morals and is unethical because only a killer would do that who has the heart to do such a thing and whoever has done anything like this I regret to inform you is need of a psychiatrist..