The Story of the Greeks

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This book is a collection of stories and histories about the Ancient Greeks, including many of their famous myths! - Summary by Ann Boulais (7 hr 35 min)


Preface 3:13 Read by Donald Cummings
Early Inhabitants of Greece 4:04 Read by Drew Johnson
The Deluge of Ogyges 3:55 Read by Sieska
The Found of Many Important Cities 5:16 Read by DrCyCoe
Story of Deucalion 3:45 Read by DrCyCoe
Story of Daedalus and Icaraus 5:01 Read by Peter Badurek
The Adventures of Jason 3:40 Read by James Simenc
Theseus visits the Labrinyth 5:47 Read by DJRickyV
The Terrible Prophecy 2:52 Read by DrCyCoe
The Sphinx's Riddle 4:56 Read by SteveToner
Blindness and Death of Oedipus 5:32 Read by Rob Kaye
The Brothers' Quarrel 4:29 Read by Rob Kaye
The Taking of Thebes 3:07 Read by Mahmoud Hussein
The Childhood of Paris 6:27 Read by Marina Tsung
The Muster of the Troops 5:29 Read by DJRickyV
The Sacrifice of Iphigenia 2:24 Read by jmor90
The Wrath of Achilles 4:00 Read by jmor90
The Death of Hector and Achilles 2:46 Read by jmor90
The Burning of Troy 4:28 Read by jmor90
Heroic Death of Codrus 4:16 Read by jmor90
The Blind Poet 3:41 Read by jmor90
The Rise of Sparta 3:44 Read by Christine Stevens
The Spartan Training 3:12 Read by Grace-Ellen Meixner
The Brave Spartan Boy 4:14 Read by Donald Cummings
Public Tables in Sparta 3:15 Read by Miyune
Laws of Lycurgus 2:45 Read by apandya101
The Messenian War 4:13 Read by Grace-Ellen Meixner
The Music of Tyrtaeus 4:54 Read by Peregrinus Tyß
Aristomenes' Escape 3:20 Read by junefish
The Olympic Games 5:18 Read by Dean Tea
Milo of Croton 3:08 Read by Elise C. Boucher
The Jealous Athlete 2:39 Read by DrCyCoe
The Girls' Games 2:58 Read by ProseandProdigyManly
The Bloody Laws of Draco 6:06 Read by ProseandProdigyManly
The Laws of Solon 4:50 Read by Margaret Hutchins
The First Plays 4:12 Read by Mary Kay
The Tyrant Pisistratus 5:12 Read by SReisman
The Tyrant's Insult 2:49 Read by Amanda Vickery
Death of the Conspirators 3:30 Read by Sieska
Hippias Driven out of Athens 4:08 Read by Matthew Nerger
The Great King 2:56 Read by ScottReyonoldsVoice
Hippias Visits Darius 4:16 Read by jmor90
Destruction of the Persian Host 3:12 Read by jmor90
The Advance of the Second Host 4:01 Read by James Simenc
The Battle of Marathon 4:32 Read by Arup Sen
Miltiades' Disgrace 5:02 Read by Arup Sen
Aristides the Just 3:17 Read by Catherine Parkes
Two Noble Spartan Youths 4:17 Read by Catherine Parkes
The Great Army 2:38 Read by Alyssa Cain
Preparations for Defense 3:44 Read by Zen Wolfang
Leonidas at Themorplyae 2:46 Read by Zen Wolfang
Death of Leonidas 3:32 Read by Zen Wolfang
The Burning of Athens 3:00 Read by Zen Wolfang
The Battles of Salamis and Plataea 3:25 Read by Zen Wolfang
The Rebuilding of Athens 2:51 Read by Zen Wolfang
Death of Pausanias 4:04 Read by junefish
Cimon improves Athens 3:03 Read by Matthew Nerger
The Earthquake 5:29 Read by E. A. Young
The Age of Pericles 4:59 Read by vrodcruiser
The Teachings of Anaxagoras 4:24 Read by KaelEHeath
Beginning of the Peloponnesian War 4:13 Read by James Simenc
Death of Pericles 3:59 Read by SteveToner
The Philosopher of Socrates 3:29 Read by Zen Wolfang
Socrates' Favorite Pupil 5:22 Read by Ben Lindsey-Clark
Youth of Alcibiades 3:55 Read by Ben Lindsey-Clark
Greek Colonies in Italy 4:25 Read by Ben Lindsey-Clark
Alcibiades in Disgrace 4:03 Read by Ben Lindsey-Clark
Death of Alcibiades 4:28 Read by Ben Lindsey-Clark
The Overthrow of theThirty Tyrants 2:33 Read by Amanda Vickery
Accusation of Socrates 4:06 Read by Micky
Death of Socrates 5:22 Read by Micky
The Defeat of Cyrus 3:47 Read by Micky
The Retreat of the Ten Thousand 4:19 Read by Micky
Agesilaus in Asia 2:14 Read by Amanda Vickery
A Strange Interview 3:04 Read by Sharon V.
The Peace of Antalcidas 3:18 Read by Sharon V.
The Theban Friends 3:02 Read by adronek
Thebes Free Once More 3:47 Read by adronek
The Battle of Leuctra 3:00 Read by Matthew Nerger
Death of Pelopidas 2:54 Read by Matthew Nerger
The Battle of Mantinea 3:40 Read by Matthew Nerger
The Tyrant of Syracuse 3:42 Read by Matthew Nerger
Story of Damon and Pythias 5:27 Read by Arianne Stein
The Sword of Damocles 3:48 Read by SteveToner
Dion and Dionysius 4:16 Read by njohansen
Civil War in Syracuse 2:57 Read by njohansen
Death of Dion 3:23 Read by njohansen
Philip of Macedon 4:56 Read by wizardrywand
Philip Begins His Conquests 3:57 Read by wizardrywand
The Orator Demosthenes 4:20 Read by Robinhaynes
Philip Masters Greece 4:49 Read by Kenneth Thompson Marchesi
Birth of Alexander 4:08 Read by Kenneth Thompson Marchesi
The Steed Bucephalus 3:51 Read by Donald Cummings
Alexander as King 4:22 Read by Wilfred
Alexander and Diogenes 4:18 Read by Wilfred
Alexander's Brilliant Beginning 4:32 Read by Wilfred
The Gordian Knot 3:58 Read by Wilfred
Alexander's Royal Captives 3:15 Read by Wilfred
Alexander at Jerusalem 3:45 Read by ScottReyonoldsVoice
The African Desert 4:32 Read by Wilfred
Death of Darius 4:22 Read by Wilfred
Death of Porus 4:02 Read by Wilfred
The Return to Babylon 2:58 Read by Wilfred
Death of Alexander the Great 3:53 Read by ScottReyonoldsVoice
The Division of the Realm 3:37 Read by Wilfred
Death of Demosthenes 4:04 Read by wizardrywand
The Last of the Athenians 3:50 Read by wizardrywand
The Colossus of Rhodes 5:03 Read by James Simenc
The Battle of Ipsus 2:28 Read by Matthew Nerger
Demetrius and the Athenians 2:28 Read by Matthew Nerger
The Achaean League 3:59 Read by Matthew Nerger
Division in Sparta 5:00 Read by James Simenc
Death of Agis 2:58 Read by Matthew Nerger
The War of the Two Leagues 3:38 Read by Matthew Nerger
The Last of the Greeks 2:46 Read by Matthew Nerger
Greece a Roman Province 3:48 Read by BeniaminoMassimo



(5 stars)

I love this book and all the readers, because they talk so clear

good book well read

(5 stars)

Peregrinus Tyß has a bit of a thick accent, but I could understand everything, it was just a bit distracting


(0.5 stars)

umm... that was on accident. I did not mean to put a review.

A very interesting book thankyou readers.

(4.5 stars)

good book, great readers

(3.5 stars)

I really liked this book. I was reading it for school, and listening helped it go a lot faster. all the readers were very clear and the book was very interesting.

great book

(5 stars)

I loved this book, Zen Wolfang is the best!

The Story OfThe Greeks

(5 stars)

This book is amazing

Arabella 12 years old

(2 stars)

it's alright