The Adventure of the Speckled Band

Read by Phil Chenevert

(4.6 stars; 129 reviews)

Sherlock Holmes and Watson are awoken early by a distraught woman desperately seeking their aid. Something is terribly wrong and she fears for her life. Upon hearing her story, Sherlock agrees and springs into action to track down and deal with the sinister Speckled Band who have killed once already. Listen to another exciting adventure of the super sleuth as he uses his powers of observation and deduction to solve this perplexing case. Will he be in time to save the lady's life? Will his powers fail him this time? Listen and find out. (summary by Phil Chenevert) (1 hr 6 min)


Part 1 31:44 Read by Phil Chenevert
Part 2 34:20 Read by Phil Chenevert


The Adventures of the Speckled Band

(5 stars)

First I'd like to thank the reader for taking me on such an excellent adventure. I've been a fan of Sherlock Holmes for as long as I can remember..... As a little girl, I can remember watching the old black and white films made in the thirties and forties and being completely mezmorized . Listening to the Adventures of the Speckled Band gave me that same mezmorized feeling.?? Blessings and love, LillyB

Speckled Band and Masterpiece Mystrry

(4 stars)

The current Sherlock series, with Benedict Cumberbatch, is making a bit of a hit. Tonight PBS had a ~5 minute feature of the the show's Twp producers (one of whomplays brother Mycroft). They were commenting on how entertaining the stories could be, even when, "like The Speckled Band, they didn't make any sense." Okay? Narrator puts nice expressiveness into his reading. Sometime I might fuss about my wish for better preparation to pronounce just a couple words.

short but good

(4 stars)

A unique way of reading but fine well. takes done getting used to though

very tense and good story

(5 stars)

it was so adventurous and fun listening to the story


(5 stars)

Worth time to listen to. .. short only drawback

(5 stars)

brilliant rendition. wonderful voice modulation and clarity of speech

Very nice

(5 stars)

It is well to listen