Elsie's Children

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.5 stars; 58 reviews)

This book continues the delightful "Elsie Dinsmore" series. Elsie's children, introduced in the previous volume, live life, grow up, and encounter various problems of their own. - Summary by GabrielleC

Additional Proof Listeners: AlaynaMay & Rachel. (6 hr 53 min)


Preface 1:18 Read by David Lawrence
Chapter First 8:02 Read by Anna Millard
Chapter Second 17:13 Read by Lynne T
Chapter Third 8:16 Read by Lynne T
Chapter Fourth 10:43 Read by GabrielleC
Chapter Fifth 11:26 Read by AlaynaMay
Chapter Sixth 10:27 Read by Rachel
Chapter Seventh 10:54 Read by AnnaCasady
Chapter Eighth 11:58 Read by Rachel
Chapter Ninth 15:43 Read by AlaynaMay
Chapter Tenth 12:16 Read by AlaynaMay
Chapter Eleventh 17:08 Read by Rachel
Chapter Twelfth 15:44 Read by Jennifer Duval
Chapter Thirteenth 7:17 Read by fiddlesticks
Chapter Fourteenth 20:22 Read by Richard Corfield
Chapter Fifteenth 14:38 Read by Esther ben Simonides
Chapter Sixteenth 13:00 Read by Rachel
Chapter Seventeenth 16:46 Read by Rachel
Chapter Eighteenth 14:22 Read by Rachel
Chapter Nineteenth 21:00 Read by Rachel
Chapter Twentieth 15:27 Read by Rachel
Chapter Twenty-First 14:03 Read by Rachel
Chapter Twenty-Second 19:55 Read by Rachel
Chapter Twenty-Third 15:25 Read by Rachel
Chapter Twenty-Fourth 12:35 Read by Grace Byrne
Chapter Twenty-Fifth 13:58 Read by Esther ben Simonides
Chapter Twenty-Sixth 7:41 Read by Rachel
Chapter Twenty-Seventh 13:20 Read by Bria Snow
Chapter Twenty-Eighth 16:22 Read by Rachel
Chapter Twenty-Ninth 11:41 Read by Rachel
Chapter Thirtieth 14:25 Read by Rachel


good readers

(4 stars)

I did enjoy the story. There was on reader who constantly read away from the microphone. In turn, for those chapters (15&25) part of the story was missed.

(3 stars)

I so appreciate those who read for us but there were a couple of readers or maybe it was the speed of the recording equipment where the speech was very difficult to understand. I love this series and thoroughly appreciate all those who volunteer.

Good story

(3 stars)

Good story but some of tge readers were difficult to understand and tge last chapert wouldn't ay all tge way through, restarting in tge middle of tge chapter

Good... But room for improvement

(4 stars)

Some of the readers I can not understand... Again the book itself is good but one of the readers not so.

Catholics Beware !!

(2.5 stars)

Nice narration. Ok story. Several chapters of anti-Catholic propaganda. Otherwise listenable.

excellent story but the background noise was distracting

(5 stars)

great book

(3 stars)

Sorry to say but mostly of the readers were terrible,some of them I couldn't understand.I am giving 3 stars because the readers kind a ruined the book a little for me.