Tales of Space and Time

Read by Richard Kilmer

(3.7 stars; 40 reviews)

Five short Science Fiction stories. - Summary by Richard Kilmer

(8 hr 23 min)


Great book....Frustrating reader.....

(2.5 stars)

Enjoyable storys, read with a voice of velvet quality. Unfortunatly, the constant addition of non existant commas and pauses ruins the flow, and distracts the ear from the bri lliance of Wells's prose. In parts, especially in the first story, there seems to be a pause between every two or three words. Very frustrating to listen to. Having said that, if you can put up with this annoyance, the storys are as interesting as many of Wells's other works.

The narrator talks like the preacher from the simpsons. annoying

(3 stars)

My Fellow Americans

(3 stars)

Read by Barack Obama


(2.5 stars)

great voice but he... has .......really strange rhythm.


(3 stars)

The reader had a great voice for reading but the cadence of the reader is just plain ridiculous, that and his vocal inflection/emphasis being put in all the wrong places. The stories are good but damn it's so hard to listen to him because of his rhythm. It's worse to listen to that rhythm and mis-placement of emphasis than it was to listen to the guy with the lisp or the guy that whistled when he pronounced the letter "s". Prepare yourself for it because nothing will seem wrong for a while then it'll hit you like a ton of bricks.

tales of space and time

(1 stars)

enthusiasm is a wonderful thing! BUT AND THIS IS A BIG BUT..........