The Gospel In Brief

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In this book, Tolstoy seeks to condense the four Gospels of the New Testament, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, into one, by looking along the lines of the teachings of Jesus Christ found in each book. In doing so, he discovers that the Lord's Prayer is the best summation of all that Christ taught in the Gospels. - Summary by KHand (4 hr 38 min)


Note 5:34 Read by KHand
Author's Preface 29:28 Read by KHand
I - Son of God 7:50 Read by KHand
II - Life In The Spirit 13:40 Read by KHand
III - The Source Of Life 12:33 Read by KHand
IV - God's Kingdom 14:29 Read by KHand
V - The True Life 19:21 Read by KHand
VI - The False Life 17:02 Read by KHand
VII - I And The Father Are One 15:18 Read by KHand
VIII - Life Is Not Temporal 13:20 Read by KHand
IX - Temptations 17:04 Read by KHand
X - The Warfare With Temptation 13:03 Read by KHand
XI - The Farewell Discourse 10:45 Read by KHand
XII - The Victory Of The Spirit Over The Flesh 13:32 Read by KHand
A Prologue 3:04 Read by KHand
A Summary 8:14 Read by KHand
A Recapitulation, Chapters I - IV 12:08 Read by KHand
A Recapitulation, Chapters V - VIII 24:03 Read by KHand
A Recapitulation, Chapters IX - XII 27:42 Read by KHand


(5 stars)

I absolutely love him extremely grateful to God for sending leo tolstoy's inspiring interpretation of the gospels. I've been exploring Jesus teachings in a most similar way and leo just puts it do so clearly and simply that anybody can understand it if they wanted to. but I'll listen to it again and again maybe get the book and read it myself probably won't be much better than k hand

An interesting read

(4 stars)

Here Tolstoy attempts to condense the four gospels into one while leaving unanswered the question of whether Jesus is God. He also separates his gospel from both the Old Testament and the remainder of the new. In so doing, he changes some of the words of Jesus and creates a mystic or philosopher.

Read too Fast

(1 stars)

Leo Tolstoy put great effort into delivering a gospel stripped to its bones. For those developing an adult faith, it is a pearl of great price. The reading is too fast for this mind to absorb.

(0.5 stars)

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