Your Mind and How to Use It

Read by Algy Pug

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William Walker Atkinson was one of the most prominent contributors to the literature of the New Thought movement, a non-denomination spiritual philosophy which developed in the late Nineteenth Century. Although he achieved eminence in a number of professions, Atkinson never sought personal publicity, and many of his numerous works were published under a variety of pseudonyms. Most of Atkinson’s works are manuals of practice rather than pure expositions of philosophy. Many of his books are concerned with the training of the mind, and one of the most typical of these is Your Mind and How to Use It: A Manual of Practical Psychology, first published in 1911. Summary by Algy Pug

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Chapters 9 & 10 24:51 Read by Algy Pug
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Your mind and how to use it

(4 stars)

I love this book most interesting.The narrator Algy Pug has a wonderful voice which I don't find irritating or annoying its smooth like chocolate. Thanks Algy a job well done

A must read for life.

(5 stars)

Get a note pad & pencil, listen to this book all the way through then listen to it again & this time take copious notes. This book is packed with profound wisdom. It should be required reading for every thinking person. The gentleman that reads it does a excellent job with perfect intonation & cadence as well.

(4 stars)

great book ...but the speaker did not carry me along.

The mind

(3 stars)

Nice book a good look at the mind and its use. But the speaker could have been a bit more upbeat..

sorry for your loss

(5 stars)

this book is very well-read even though I'm only 6 chapters in I just thought I'd rate it early because I find a very helpful and for anybody who didn't understand on how this book trains you to use your mind,you just didn't understand well enough.

Excellent book

(5 stars)

This is a very thought provoking book. The reader is superb.

Not so great

(1.5 stars)

Its only good for learning English...there's flying fish and other things in nature that contradicts all those thoughts and statements...its a very stiffly written book, but mostly it doesn't tell anything about how to use the mind as far as at lest half of the I'm out

(1 stars)

narrators voice is so awful, I was unable to listen long enough to give any opinion on the content of the book itself. what a disappointing shame.