The Secret of Everyday Things

Read by MaryAnn

(4.6 stars; 35 reviews)

The clearness, simplicity, and charm of the great French naturalist's style are nowhere better illustrated than in this work, which in its variety of subject-matter and apt use of entertaining anecdote rivals "The Story-Book of Science," already a favorite with his readers. Such instances of antiquated usage or superseded methods as occur in these chapters of popular science easily win our indulgence because of the literary charm and warm human quality investing all that the author has to say. -- Translator (Introductory Note) (8 hr 53 min)


Thread, Pins, Needles 23:35 Read by MaryAnn
Silk, Wool, Flax and Hemp 22:04 Read by MaryAnn
Weaving, Woolen Cloth, Moths 21:10 Read by MaryAnn
Napery, Calico, Dyeing and Printing, Dyestuffs 37:45 Read by MaryAnn
Heat-Conduction, Human Habitations, Clothing 20:26 Read by MaryAnn
Ashes--Potash, Soap 17:50 Read by MaryAnn
Fire, Matches, Wood and Charcoal 20:29 Read by MaryAnn
Coal and Coal-Gas, Combustion, Heating 25:31 Read by MaryAnn
Lighting, Kerosene Oil, Glass 26:32 Read by MaryAnn
Iron, Rust, Tin-Plating, Pottery 23:02 Read by MaryAnn
Coffee, Sugar 21:38 Read by MaryAnn
Tea, Chocolate, Spices 19:00 Read by MaryAnn
Salt, Olive Oil, Double Boiler 19:22 Read by MaryAnn
Little Pests, Flies 17:16 Read by MaryAnn
The Three States of Matter, Distillation 16:57 Read by MaryAnn
Water, Vinegar 21:08 Read by MaryAnn
The Grist Mill, Bread, Other Wheat Products, Strange Uses of Starch 25:26 Read by MaryAnn
Rice, Chestnuts, Codfish 20:19 Read by MaryAnn
Air, Impure Air 31:48 Read by MaryAnn
Germs, The Atmosphere, Evaporation 33:54 Read by MaryAnn
Humidity in the Atmosphere, Rain, Snow 22:01 Read by MaryAnn
Ice, Pebbles, The Force of Steam 21:47 Read by MaryAnn
Sound, Light 24:56 Read by MaryAnn



(5 stars)

This little book is a revelation, containing, as it does, explanations for all sorts of phenomena, simple science, and arcane methods of early industrialisation which have long since ceased - like the apparently widespread practice of using burning sulpher to bleach wool; making ink using oak apples and a solution of iron dissolved in sulphuric acid; or that the construction of needles used to require two skilled workers, alternately working, to pierce the needle eye by hand... The reader is a joy to listen to, and the text is extremely illuminating, illustrating as it does many long-forgotten techniques which were once considered the height of technology. Endlessly fascinaring and highly recommended

This is SO NEAT

(4 stars)

So far I haven't heard any mistakes or anything, but I haven't finished it all yet. Reason: Although I myself am a woman, I prefer a male reader, especially if the author is male. It rubs me the wrong way somehow. I wish Librivox got more male reader volunteers (hint hint!) it would be a perfect world if the accent, timbre that matches with what the listener/readers imagine the author to sound like were implemented, but Audiobooks has the deal on it and charges money for them, accordingly. If you have some free time, and your voice could be used to read off some books, do us all a favor and get cracking with Librivox.

Enjoyable & Informative

(5 stars)

There may be some in here that’s outdated (such as manufacturing techniques), but overall—what a gem! I learned a lot about basic chemistry, physics, and biology. I learned more about my cooking and cleaning, as well as the clothes I wear. This seems to also have a lot of utility for middle schoolers (certain chapters could be read aloud for introducing/extending study in certain areas). Listening to this was a real treat!

awesome sauce

(5 stars)

This Book Is Awesome because you can learn so many cool things I have tried almost every single one of these things in this book so I know that they actually work and guess what, they do I personally would sit down and read this book all day long if I was able to I think this is really really really really really well written.

Safety First:)

(3.5 stars)

A favorite uncle explains basic science to his niece and nephew, complete with little experiments that are possible at home. Considering the time this book was written, the author was refreshingly concerned with safety. Elementary/Middle School level material, well narrated.


(5 stars)

This book is perfect to listen to at bedtime. The reader is lovely. Thank you.

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(5 stars)