The Murders in the Rue Morgue (version 2)

Read by Phil Chenevert

(4.3 stars; 72 reviews)

"The Murders in the Rue Morgue" is a story by Edgar Allan Poe published in Graham's Magazine in 1841. It has been recognized as the first detective story; Poe referred to it as one of his "tales of ratiocination".
C. Auguste Dupin is a man in Paris who solves the mystery of the brutal murder of two women. Numerous witnesses heard a suspect, though no one agrees on what language was spoken. At the murder scene, Dupin finds a hair that does not appear to be human.
Writing the first true detective in fiction, Poe's Dupin originated many literary conventions which would be used in future fictional detectives including Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot. Many later characters, for example, follow Poe's model of the brilliant detective, his personal friend who serves as narrator, and the final revelation being presented before the reasoning that leads up to it. Dupin himself reappears in "The Mystery of Marie Rogêt" and "The Purloined Letter". (summary from Wikipedia) (1 hr 40 min)


Section 1 32:21 Read by Phil Chenevert
Section 2 33:10 Read by Phil Chenevert
Section 3 35:07 Read by Phil Chenevert


A Good Listen

(4 stars)

The reader did a good job conveying the story and it was an interesting one. The fact that Poe ascribes one of my favourite words to it (ratiocination) is also a plus. Though not on the same level plot-wise as these others, I think that fans of Holmes and Poirot would appreciate the style of this short story.

The Murders in the Rue Morgue (version 2)

(5 stars)

Well Read, Fun listen and recommended... Thanks!

(3 stars)

a little slow about getting to the main story, bt who couldve guessed the ending.