The Story of the Romans

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(4.1 stars; 37 reviews)

A collection of short stories and histories of Rome, from its beginning to its end. (Ann Boulais) (7 hr 31 min)


The First Settlers 5:21 Read by twalter8
The Escape From the Burning City 5:40 Read by twalter8
The Clever Trick 4:56 Read by Felipe Vogel
The Boards are Eaten 4:07 Read by Felipe Vogel
The Wolf and the Twins 5:16 Read by Felipe Vogel
Romulus Builds Rome 4:56 Read by Felipe Vogel
The Maidens Carried Off 3:27 Read by J Korth
Union of Sabines and Romans 2:25 Read by J Korth
Death of Romulus 3:04 Read by twalter8
The Strange Signs of the Romans 5:36 Read by Kelvin D
The Quarrel with Alba 4:27 Read by twalter8
The Fight with the Horatii and the Curiatii 6:01 Read by Kevin Nieman
Tarquin and the Eagle 3:40 Read by Kevin Nieman
The Roman Youths 3:27 Read by winonawyatt
The King Outwitted 4:58 Read by Jane Kuplevatsky
The Murder of Tarquin 3:15 Read by jkbuchanan
The Ungrateful Children 7:06 Read by Kangaroo
The Mysterious Books 5:20 Read by Joel Wodhams
Tarquin's Poppies 3:07 Read by Sarah H.
The Oracle of Delphi 3:16 Read by Jarvious
The Death of Lucretia 5:26 Read by Grace Durrant
The Stern Father 5:31 Read by CliffClaven
A Roman Triumph 4:05 Read by Ken Masters
A Roman Triumph (continued) 3:34 Read by Ken Masters
The Defense of the Bridge 3:59 Read by Ken Masters
The Burnt Hand 4:30 Read by Firetech
The Twin Gods 3:13 Read by Grace Durrant
The Wrongs of the Poor 4:52 Read by HariRK
The Fable of the Stomach 5:46 Read by Grace Durrant
The Story of Coriolanus 6:07 Read by Joseph Schnebelen
The Farmer Hero 5:21 Read by Joseph Schnebelen
The New Laws 4:29 Read by johnnyenglish
The Death of Virginia 2:53 Read by johnnyenglish
The Plans of a Traitor 5:05 Read by johnnyenglish
The School-Teacher Punished 3:42 Read by johnnyenglish
The Invasion of the Gauls 3:18 Read by Ryan Cherrick
The Sacred Geese 5:08 Read by Grace Durrant
Two Heroes of Rome 3:21 Read by Ryan Cherrick
The Disaster at the Caudine Forks 5:10 Read by Ryan Cherrick
Pyrrhus and His Elephants 4:51 Read by Ryan Cherrick
The Elephants Routed 4:22 Read by Ryan Cherrick
Ancient Ships 4:56 Read by Ryan Cherrick
Regulus and the Snake 4:13 Read by Ryan Cherrick
Hannibal Crosses the Alps 3:56 Read by Ryan Cherrick
The Romans Defeated 4:04 Read by Ryan Cherrick
The Inventor Achimedes 5:39 Read by Ryan Cherrick
The Roman Conquests 3:34 Read by Ryan Cherrick
Destruction of Carthage 4:08 Read by Ryan Cherrick
Roman Amusements 4:29 Read by Ryan Cherrick
The Jewels of Cornelia 4:36 Read by Ryan Cherrick
The Death of Tiberius Gracchus 3:43 Read by Ryan Cherrick
Caius Gracchus 3:30 Read by Ryan Cherrick
Jugurtha, King of Numidia 3:52 Read by Ryan Cherrick
The Barbarians 5:05 Read by levispann
The Social War 3:57 Read by Soumen Barua
The Flight of Marius 4:41 Read by Kangaroo
The Proscription Lists 5:38 Read by Kangaroo
Sertorius and His Doe 5:08 Read by Soumen Barua
The Revolt of the Slaves 4:52 Read by Kangaroo
Pompey's Conquests 5:29 Read by Kangaroo
The Conspiracy of Catiline 5:52 Read by Kangaroo
Caesar's Conquests 3:47 Read by Kim
The Crossing of the Rubicon 4:04 Read by Kim
The Battle of Pharsalia 4:22 Read by Kim
The Death of Caesar 5:03 Read by marbenx
The Second Triumvirate 3:20 Read by marbenx
The Vision of Brutus 5:11 Read by Leah Chamblee
Antony and Cleopatra 4:50 Read by Wilburness
The Poisonous Snake 2:58 Read by Wilburness
The Augustan Age 5:29 Read by Kevin Nieman
The Death of Augustus 4:42 Read by Kevin Nieman
Varus Avenged 4:29 Read by Kevin Nieman
Death of Germanicus 3:42 Read by Kevin Nieman
Tiberius Smothered 4:33 Read by Kevin Nieman
The Wild Caligula 5:06 Read by HariRK
The Wicked Wives of Claudius 6:37 Read by sarah louise pieplow
Nero's First Crimes 6:12 Read by sarah louise pieplow
The Christians Persecuted 6:01 Read by sarah louise pieplow
Nero's Cruelty 4:26 Read by sarah louise pieplow
Two Short Reigns 2:33 Read by AnnaMarie Tokas
The Siege of Jerusalem 4:43 Read by JamesPVMiller
The Buried Cities 4:07 Read by JamesPVMiller
The Terrible Banquet 4:10 Read by JamesPVMiller
The Emperor's Tablets 2:49 Read by JamesPVMiller
The Good Trajan 2:47 Read by JamesPVMiller
Trajan's Column 3:43 Read by JamesPVMiller
The Great Wall 3:40 Read by Kangaroo
Hadrian's Death 2:34 Read by Peter O'Malley
Antonius Pius 3:16 Read by Larry Greene
The Model Pagan 6:24 Read by Soumen Barua
Another Cruel Emperor 5:17 Read by Soumen Barua
An Unnatural Son 4:36 Read by Soumen Barua
The Senate of Women 4:14 Read by Soumen Barua
The Gigantic Emperor 4:51 Read by Soumen Barua
Invasion of the Goths 3:01 Read by marbenx
Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra 4:42 Read by AnnaMarie Tokas
A Prophesy Fulfilled 5:24 Read by Kangaroo
The First Christian Emperor 3:32 Read by Hultstrand
The Roman Empire Divided 3:22 Read by Jamie
An Emperor's Penance 4:22 Read by Sebastien Blouin
Sieges of Rome 5:02 Read by Sebastien Blouin
End of the Empire of the West 2:28 Read by Ashley


A Good Read. I definitely recommend it. ♥️

(4.5 stars)

Very good, but I Like Story of The Greeks a tad More. The Romans sure are STUPID. this book emphasizes a lot on how vain and greedy the Romans are.

😴😴a bit boring but good🙂😐🦆

(3.5 stars)

shallow and a bit boring but good I think that it's a good book 📚📖

(3 stars)

This is a bit boring, but it has some really good story's in it

good but dated

(5 stars)

Readers did a great job and constantly changing readers was not distracting as might be expected. The material was decent but obviously from an old fashion Christian mentality. I was hoping to hear about all the great a wonderful things the Romans did but instead the writing was more focused on making them look violent and ignorant. I modern unbiased version of this book would be amazing.