The Extraordinary Adventures of Arsène Lupin, Gentleman-Burglar (version 2)

Read by Leni

(4.3 stars; 19 reviews)

This collection of independent stories first published between 1905 and 1907 in the magazine Je Sais Tout recounts the tales of Arsène Lupin, the famous gentleman-burglar: the first story marks the introduction of the character to the public, and its success encouraged author Maurice Leblanc to write several others, collected and published as a book in 1907. Arsène Lupin would go on to be the main character in several short stories and novels, written by Leblanc and others, and whose legacy would appear also in comics, movies and videogames, becoming the icon of the affable and charming man who, choosing to walk on the wrong side of law, still can be a force for good. - Summary by Leni

(6 hr 2 min)


The Arrest of Arsène Lupin 30:44 Read by Leni
Arsène Lupin in Prison 41:36 Read by Leni
The Escape of Arsène Lupin 48:02 Read by Leni
The Mysterious Traveller 33:06 Read by Leni
The Queen's Necklace 34:36 Read by Leni
The Seven of Hearts, part 1 39:22 Read by Leni
The Seven of Hearts, part 2 29:37 Read by Leni
Madame Imbert's Safe 24:50 Read by Leni
The Black Pearl 30:48 Read by Leni
Sherlock Holmes Arrives Too Late 50:09 Read by Leni


(2 stars)

Tho I enjoy the Arsene Lupin stories. And I was looking forward to listening to them. I must admit that I was not impressed by the narrator of this particular collection.

A Cerebral Frolic

(5 stars)

I admire the Author's audacious inclusion of another Author's character within these pages. Though I believe it sparked a lawsuit, ML simply continued by changing the name to "Hemlock Sholmes", if I'm not mistaken. The LibriVox volunteer is wonderful....