A Study In Scarlet (version 5)

Read by Robert Dixon

(4.7 stars; 175 reviews)

"A Study in Scarlet" is the first ever Sherlock Holmes story split into two quite distinctive parts. The first part is told from the viewpoint of Dr. John Watson and recounts his first experiences of meeting the illustrious Sherlock Holmes and their subsequent co-habitation and crime-solving partnership. The second is told in a third person narrative and is set in the USA, setting an elaborate back-story to the eventual motive of the murderer, before returning to the UK towards the end of part two, the narration, once again, being picked up by Dr. John Watson. - Summary by Robert Dixon (3 hr 47 min)


Mr. Sherlock Holmes 14:50 Read by Robert Dixon
The Science of Deduction 20:09 Read by Robert Dixon
The Lauriston Garden Mystery 21:04 Read by Robert Dixon
What John Rance Had To Tell 13:27 Read by Robert Dixon
Our Advertisement Brings A Visitor 13:05 Read by Robert Dixon
Tobias Gregson Shows What He Can Do 16:17 Read by Robert Dixon
Light In The Darkness 16:36 Read by Robert Dixon
On The Great Alkali Plain 19:51 Read by Robert Dixon
The Flower of Utah 13:28 Read by Robert Dixon
John Ferrier Talks With The Prophet 10:00 Read by Robert Dixon
A Flight For Life 17:31 Read by Robert Dixon
The Avenging Angels 18:12 Read by Robert Dixon
A Continuation of the Reminiscences of John Watson, M.D. 22:11 Read by Robert Dixon
The Conclusion 10:54 Read by Robert Dixon


A splendid, warm and involved reading

(5 stars)

I've listened to most of the Sherlock audiobooks available, but I must say this one was read with a certain emotion and clarity that I haven't found anywhere else. The reader takes you on a wonderful journey and brings the words to life. Excellent work! Thank you.


(5 stars)

I have listened to a lot of other Sherlock Holmes audiobooks but I must say that this one is the best by far. The reader speaks very clearly so it is easy to understand and follow.

Great and gripping story!

(5 stars)

Never a dull moment in this excellent book. Robert Dixon was one of the best readers, using different voices and accents. Good job on the American characters!

(5 stars)

Reader Robert Dixon does a fabulous job with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's A Study In Scarlet. I enjoyed the story AND the telling of it very much.

(5 stars)

incredible reader one of the best if not most probably the best I have ever heard. thank you!

A Study in Scarlett - Sherlock Holmes

(5 stars)

Excellently read. Please read more

amazing voice over, all characters came alive. also a great book

(5 stars)

Bravo from Borneo

(5 stars)

This is my first Sherlock Holmes book and first foray into the detective genre. I am certainly invested in the character and the genre; it was a very enjoyable listen. Sort of wonder why I have left it so long to explore this iconic figure in English literature. Chapeau to the narrator Robert Dixon who I have listened to narrate many other books. He is certainly one of the best at his craft. So, now on to the next Sherlock Holmes book.