Star Surgeon

Read by Scott D. Farquhar

(4.6 stars; 123 reviews)

Dal Timgar had always wanted to be a doctor. As a Garvian and the first non-human to study medicine on Hospital Earth, he must face enormous adversity from classmates, professors, and some of the highest ranking physicians on all of Earth. Will his efforts be enough to earn him the Silver Star of a Star Surgeon? (Summary by Scott D. Farquhar) (5 hr 25 min)


Chapter 01 - The Intruder 21:38 Read by Scott D. Farquhar
Chapter 02 - Hospital Seattle 18:19 Read by Scott D. Farquhar
Chapter 03 - The Inquisition 22:03 Read by Scott D. Farquhar
Chapter 04 - The Galactic Pill Peddlers 29:30 Read by Scott D. Farquhar
Chapter 05 - Crisis on Morua VIII 21:55 Read by Scott D. Farquhar
Chapter 06 - Tiger Makes a Promise 20:50 Read by Scott D. Farquhar
Chapter 07 - Alarums and Excursions 36:34 Read by Scott D. Farquhar
Chapter 08 - Plague! 16:23 Read by Scott D. Farquhar
Chapter 09 - The Incredible People 24:30 Read by Scott D. Farquhar
Chapter 10 - The Boomerang Clue 27:05 Read by Scott D. Farquhar
Chapter 11 - Dal Breaks a Promise 28:36 Read by Scott D. Farquhar
Chapter 12 - The Showdown 23:58 Read by Scott D. Farquhar
Chapter 13 - The Trial 18:07 Read by Scott D. Farquhar
Chapter 14 - Star Surgeon 16:10 Read by Scott D. Farquhar


Enjoyed this story a lot

(5 stars)

When you try to take a story with you the entire day, you know it's got your interest. Earth of the future has become the pill pushers of the galaxy. Need medical help? If you have a contract, then Earth will send you a medical cruiser to help out. Dal is the first non-Terran to attempt to join the medical corp, and other Terrans don't want this. This is a story of how he overcomes this prejudiced while learning and having adventures as a star surgeon. The recordings might be older but they sound great, and the reader did a very nice job. Thanks!

do not read. It is raycys

(4.5 stars)

The artfully read and excellently written story depicts an optimistic bygone era full of disgusting manly heroism. It depicts a backward world where doctors are in charge of patient care. It is equivalent to Mein Kampf. Story needs to be rewritten. with lots of gay sex and an over reliance on evidence based medicine and a supreme belief in the power of private equity to over rule the judgement of doctors. Remember the only way to end raycysm is to have corporate hedge funds in charge of all medical decisions.

Engaging, inventive sci-fi story.

(4 stars)

Unusual in sci-fi, this story isn't dated in the slightest. Creative premise, simple but fleshy characters- a very good story. The narrator does a good job here, and gives the main characters different voices or accents. It's actually well done. I usually find vocal characterizations annoying and garbling. Not much to complain of here.

Great story... Great reading

(5 stars)

This was a unique and fun story. Some parts were a bit predictable, but others were a complete surprise. The reading was outstanding. Each character had a unique "voice" that remained constant throughout the story. Thank you!

Excellent reading and story

(5 stars)

Suitable children's story. A bit slow in spots for my 6 year old, but toward the end my wife and son forbid me to listen to the story without them. Quite enjoyable.

Liked the storyline

(4 stars)

An unusual subject Good conclusion. 4 star because story seemed a little choppy and didn't have a smooth flow. I'm glad I listened and reccommd it. thank you for a good reading

Good read

(5 stars)

Definitely a good, medium sized read. Well read..the reader asigned his voice variation adeptely to the different characters. The storyline isn't what one might expect and turns out to be quite enjoyable.

Star Surgeon

(5 stars)

Dal Timgar's tests of tolerance and medical skills make for as engaging a story now as it did thirty years ago. Mr. Farquhar's narration favorably colored the work.