Man: King of Mind, Body, and Circumstance

Read by Andrea Fiore

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The problem of life consists in learning how to live. It is like the problem of addition or subtraction to the schoolboy. When mastered, all difficulty disappears, and the problem has vanished. All the problems of life, whether they be social, political, or religious, subsist in ignorance and wrong-living. As they are solved in the heart of each individual, they will be solved in the mass of men. Humanity at present is in the painful stage of “learning.” It is confronted with the difficulties of its own ignorance. As men learn to live rightly, learn to direct their forces and use their functions and faculties by the light of wisdom, the sum of life will be correctly done, and its mastery will put an end to all the “problems of evil.” To the wise, all such problems have ceased. Summary by James Allen.

(1 hr 6 min)


Forward 1:41 Read by Andrea Fiore
The World of Inner Thoughts 10:25 Read by Andrea Fiore
The Outer World of Things 10:32 Read by Andrea Fiore
Habit: its Slavery and its Freedom 12:12 Read by Andrea Fiore
Bodily Conditions 12:13 Read by Andrea Fiore
Poverty 10:37 Read by Andrea Fiore
Man's Spiritual Dominion 4:20 Read by Andrea Fiore
Conquest, Not Resignation 4:26 Read by Andrea Fiore


Andrea Fiore & James Allen Excellence

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As always, great reading of Allen's material by Fiore.

One of James Allen's Best audio books!

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This audio book is very helpful and inspiring. Very meaningful book by James Allen. The narrator is superb.

fantastic. as always love the reader!

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James Allen never cease to inspire... Listening to Man: King of

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Great app. No ads. Clear. Smooth

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very good reader and the book was also quite nice

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brilliant and positive to movie forward from old and grow in the new....a simple change of though can have a mass effect on mind.

my understanding in l living life is expanded more .,

(4.5 stars)