The Life And Adventures Of Nicholas Nickleby

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(4.2 stars; 69 reviews)

The action takes place in London, with excursions to Devon, Yorkshire, and Portsmouth, as we follow the adventures of the eponymous hero. Nicholas is forced to unwelcome employment to help secure support for his widowed mother and his sister from their mercenary relative Ralph, on whose mercy they have been thrown. After many adventures Nicholas finally triumphs over his Uncle, although his success is also tinged with sadness. (Summary by Chris Garbett) (33 hr 59 min)


Author's Preface 12:21 Read by Czechchris
CHAPTER 1 13:32 Read by Czechchris
CHAPTER 2 29:45 Read by Czechchris
CHAPTER 3 26:53 Read by Czechchris
CHAPTER 4 30:48 Read by Czechchris
CHAPTER 5 25:39 Read by Czechchris
CHAPTER 6 56:07 Read by TriciaG
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(3 stars)

most readers were fabulous but one reader towards the end... oh dear... you ruined several chapters stumbling over the English language and could not even pronounce the protagonist's name correctly. Everyone else was brilliant, keep it up.

Book 4 Narration 2

(3 stars)

Had to switch to Mil Nickelson's version. The attempts at giving the characters their own voices was tragic and pronouncing Dothebys Hall DO THE BOYS Hall was unconsionable!

Pretty engaging overall

(4 stars)

There was one superb reader who read the first 20 or so chapters. Really excellent work CzechChris, if you ever find this. Most of the other readers did a decent job with the exception of one reader who read 5 chapters in a thick accent, without one iota of understanding or inflection. It was a big problem for me, I wound up reading the text on my phone which is hard since I am half blind. Volunteers who sign up just as an opportunity to practice a foreign language should be discouraged or at the very least replaced.

Completely Ruined By Weird Reader

(1 stars)

Chapter 1 started off very well, with Chris. Several chapters well read. But some weird dude with an awful accent started reading Chapter 50, and I thought, "Something seriously wrong here! Who brought this weird guy into reading Dickens, Obviously this guy doesn't know English at all." I got a severe headache listening to his frightful pronunciation. There has to be someone to supervise and edit the readings. Get rid of those who cannot speak English. Let them not make a mockery of Librivox. This guy reading Chapter 50 sounded like someone from Horrorvox. Please, please save Librivox by having only good English readers. Get rid of the weirdos. Please!

another Dickens classic

(4 stars)

Just as the title states, this is about the life of Nickolas and those that come into his life. Great characters and compassion is felt for them all knowing the times they live in

good read

(5 stars)

overall, the readers were good. Occasionally there was one who, well accurate in their words, had such a thick accent and pronunciation as to make it difficult to understand much of what they said.

(2 stars)

I,too, have been compelled to switch to the Mil Nicolson reading. I’m afraid that the Librivox readers, with the very noticeable exception of CzechChris, who is superb,are simply, by accent and aptitude, unequal to the task.

Unintelligible narrator from Chapter 50

(2 stars)

had to switch to another version at chapter 50 because I could not understand the narrator that started then.