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Greenmantle is the second of five Richard Hannay novels by John Buchan, first published in 1916 by Hodder & Stoughton, London. It is one of two Hannay novels set during the First World War, the other being Mr Standfast (1919); Hannay's first and best-known adventure, The Thirty-Nine Steps (1915), is set in the period immediately before the war started. - Hannay is called in to investigate rumours of an uprising in the Muslim world, and undertakes a perilous journey through enemy territory to meet up with his friend Sandy in Constantinople. Once there, he and his friends must thwart the Germans' plans to use religion to help them win the war, climaxing at the battle of Erzurum. (Summary from Wikipedia)

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Author's Preface & A Mission is Proposed 22:27 Read by RedToby
The Gathering of the Missionaries 31:02 Read by J. M. Smallheer
Peter Pienaar 23:18 Read by RedToby
Adventures of Two Dutchmen on the Loose 27:16 Read by RedToby
Further Adventures of the Same 26:44 Read by J. M. Smallheer
The Indiscretions of the Same 30:34 Read by Zachary Brewster-Geisz
Christmastide 26:13 Read by Vivian Bush
The Essen Barges 20:43 Read by Vivian Bush
The Return of the Straggler 25:49 Read by Nichole Karl
The Garden-House of Suliman the Red 18:46 Read by Vivian Bush
The Companions of the Rosy Hours 23:42 Read by J. M. Smallheer
Four Missionaries See Light in Their Mission 19:34 Read by Vivian Bush
I Move in Good Society 24:53 Read by Zachary Brewster-Geisz
The Lady of the Mantilla 22:14 Read by Missie
An Embarrassed Toilet 25:23 Read by J. M. Smallheer
The Battered Caravanserai 22:31 Read by Missie
Trouble By the Waters of Babylon 21:12 Read by Missie
Sparrows on the Housetops 21:24 Read by Vivian Bush
Greenmantle 26:08 Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)
Peter Pienaar Goes to the Wars 31:13 Read by Nichole Karl
The Little Hill 33:39 Read by Nichole Karl
The Guns of the North 25:03 Read by Laurie Anne Walden


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(4 stars)

Up front I have to admit to being a "Hannay" fan. I loved "The 39 Steps" in both film and audio versions. I even lapped up the BBC "Hannay" television series, sadly short lived. So when I spotted Greenmantle on Librivox I downloaded it immediately. I was not disapointed. The story is action packed, the advetures of the herioc and honourable Hannay are engaging, if not downright enthralling. The phrasing and terminology in the text is extreemly evocative of the period and sets the perfect tone to what is now a "period" story. From the very beginning you know your into a great spy thriller and if thats your thing, you'll enjoy this story. Reading = 2/3 Production = 2/3 Story = 3/3 Total = 7/9 Read all of my reviews over at

(4 stars)

Richard Hannay, his comrades & their enemies are great characters & the story is a good old fashioned romp. You must bear in mind the era in which it was written tbough. The narration was poor in places, hence only 4 stars overall, although most were good.

(2 stars)

if some of the female readers had enough volume to hear, could properly pronounce words and didn't have accents making them impossible to understand it would have been a 5 star story


(4 stars)

Great story. we enjoyed every chapter. some of the readers were hard to hear, but the story kept us interested

Good sequel

(5 stars)

Really enjoyed the book. It was a little distracting having the reader change with nearly every chapter.

(4 stars)

The readers were generally good. The story perhaps less so. Certainly not as good as The Thirty-Nine Steps.

(4 stars)

Interesting mix of readers, some fluid, clear and with great intonation, but sadly not all. Good story.

Too many coincidences for a believable tale

(3 stars)

Male readers good, but most women too rapid