Bunyan Characters Volume II

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(5 stars; 7 reviews)

This is the second volume of four which goes into the details of Characters from John Bunyan's books. This one continues with the characters of Pilgrims Progress. Summary by fiddlesticks (9 hr 21 min)


Ignorance 15:59 Read by fiddlesticks
Little-Faith 26:38 Read by Jeanie
The Flatterer 17:15 Read by Khaghbboommm
Atheist 19:30 Read by Khaghbboommm
Hopeful 18:46 Read by fiddlesticks
Temporary 21:03 Read by Lynne T
Secret 22:32 Read by fiddlesticks
Mrs. Timorous 20:52 Read by MaryAnn
Mercy 22:02 Read by thestorygirl
Mr. Brisk 17:09 Read by Glenn Koster, Jr.
Mr. Skill 20:00 Read by Maggie Travers
The Shepherd Boy 25:51 Read by Kimberly Krause
Old Honest 22:25 Read by Jennifer Gasiecki
Mr. Fearing 24:40 Read by Jennifer Gasiecki
Feeble-Mind 27:38 Read by thestorygirl
Great Heart 24:33 Read by Glenn Koster, Jr.
Mr. Ready-To-Halt 24:12 Read by Glenn Koster, Jr.
Valiant for Truth 22:10 Read by MaryAnn
Standfast 21:34 Read by MaryAnn
Madame Bubble 23:39 Read by thestorygirl
Gaius 17:47 Read by E Snow
Christian 20:19 Read by Larry Wilson
Christiana 22:38 Read by Kimberly Krause
The Enchanted Ground 20:10 Read by Glenn Koster, Jr.
The Land of Beulah 20:12 Read by fiddlesticks
The Swelling of Jordan 21:53 Read by MaryAnn


great book! My thanks to the reader!

(5 stars)