The Heavenly Life

Read by Gabriel

(4.9 stars; 189 reviews)

James Allen’s most famous work, As A Man Thinketh, has gained almost cult status among those studying spiritual mysticism. He wrote all of his works without copyright for the benefit of man, and this work, The Heavenly Life, one of his more obscure writings, contains the wisdom of the meaning of spiritual oneness with God.

(1 hr 32 min)


01 - The Divine Center 10:49 Read by Gabriel
02 - The Eternal Now 8:15 Read by Gabriel
03 - The Original Simplicity 8:16 Read by Gabriel
04 - The Unfailing Wisdom 10:11 Read by Gabriel
05 - The Might of Meekness 12:08 Read by Gabriel
06 - The Righteous Man 4:17 Read by Gabriel
07 - Perfect Love 8:13 Read by Gabriel
08 - Perfect Freedom 5:50 Read by Gabriel
09 - Greatness and Goodness 11:23 Read by Gabriel
10 - Heaven in the Heart 13:37 Read by Gabriel



(5 stars)

I have no words for this book .just reading it I am feeling a light and and a wind of peace is flowing through my mind .I now know what makes us happy and what will give us true happiness. thanks librivox for providing us this treasure of knowledge.

Amazing Book

(5 stars)

This book is in a league of its own. One of James Allen's best work. By far it surpasses the normal thinking pattern. Truly one of a kind. A book that can benefit all of mankind.

(5 stars)

This man was truly one of the rarest Gods creations who have ever walked on this earth.

This is it

(5 stars)

Very grateful to both reader and author for this enlightening audio book.

great book

(5 stars)

love this book, great read,will bring you closer to God

Life Changing

(5 stars)

This little book will change your life. It is difficult to say more than that. Listen and meditate upon the words if oneness with the Divine Spirit of God is what you seek.

Excellent read!

(5 stars)

Loved this book, was hard to get into at first but once I did I thought it was very inspiring. The reader was amazing, sounded like a professional!

Great insights

(5 stars)

Wow what a great book. It brings out the ways of living according the the Bible. Real life changer. Reading of book was clear and well spoken