Deadwood Dick Jr. Branded

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(3.8 stars; 17 reviews)

"Deadwood Dick", the straight shooting, hard riding hero of the dime novel series "Deadwood Dick" takes on train robbers and other villains in this rip-snotrin', tale of the old west. Deadwood Dick has made his way through many dangerous escapades before his, but has he met his match this time? Why is there a horseshoe brand burned into this chest? Will he save the heroine? Listen to this dashing story as our hero puts himself in danger to protect the innocent and right wrongs in each exciting chapter. - Summary by Phil Chenevert (2 hr 46 min)


THE GREAT HOLD-UP. 8:52 Read by MaryAnn
DICK'S FRUITLESS RISK. 8:27 Read by MaryAnn
CAPTAIN JOAQUIN'S CAPTURE. 7:46 Read by Jia Jia Yong
REJECTING A PROPOSAL. 7:10 Read by Jia Jia Yong
TURNING THE TABLES. 7:33 Read by Jia Jia Yong
CACHING THE TREASURE. 7:26 Read by Jia Jia Yong
THE SECRET SHOT. 9:47 Read by Arnold
A CHANCE FOR HIS LIFE. 9:56 Read by Arnold
DICK IN A DEATH-TRAP. 9:51 Read by Arnold
DICK'S ONLY DEFENSE. 8:57 Read by Arnold
CAUGHT IN THE TOILS. 9:43 Read by Arnold
DEADWOOD DICK BRANDED. 9:22 Read by Arnold
SUSANA TO THE RESCUE. 10:04 Read by Arnold
THE FIRST BLOW STRUCK. 9:49 Read by Arnold
THE SECOND BLOW FALLS. 9:25 Read by Arnold
THE THIRD STROKE. 12:49 Read by Arnold


Bonk bonk bonk

(1 stars)

The sound my head made as I beat it against my keyboard over the sheer stupidity of the hero in this story. It starts out okay, hero fights bad guy, bad guy captures hero, hero pulls a houdini and escapes... but wait! The hero and villian decide to have a duel and to cash the money in some place while they duel in case they both die and, wait what? Cash IN the stolen money instead of the hero just SHOOTING the bad guy and returning the stolen money??? Okay, maybe the story got better later, but after that discourse between the hero and the villian I was done, I can't abide dumb heroes. Reading was good, and maybe other folks will like the storyline better than me, but ugh, I just couldn't get past that dialogue. It killed my interest in the story.


(3 stars)

This book had shallow, stereotyped characters, improbable situations, a silly romance, and a ridiculous code of honour. And it's a western. Have I mentioned I don't like westerns? But none of these issues stopped me from enjoying the story. Despite all its flaws it was simply good fun. I hope I can find more Deadwood Dick books. See, even the name is ridiculous. And he's not the only one, he's Deadwood Dick junior, so somewhere out there is Deadwood Dick senior. The mind boggles. Many thanks to the narrators who contributed to this book.