The Adventures of a Suburbanite

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Why is the neighbor so obsessed with his car? Where can we find a good gardener? Should we have a Santa Claus at our Christmas party? Yes, this is suburbia... much the same today as it was in 1911. - Summary by Sarah Jennings (3 hr 19 min)


The Prawleys 5:44 Read by shawnoconnor1477
Mr. Prawley's Garden 16:09 Read by Lynne T
The Equine Palace 11:21 Read by shawnoconnor1477
'Bob' 13:02 Read by David Cheetham
The New Mr. Prawley 22:54 Read by Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)
The Speckled Hen 20:31 Read by Natalie Paula
Chesterfield Whiting 21:07 Read by tovarisch
Salted Almonds 20:45 Read by Arnold
The Royal Game or Several Days After the Pig Episode 16:28 Read by Arnold
Advanced Golf 14:04 Read by Arnold
My Domesticated Automobile 17:39 Read by Arnold
Mr. Prawley Returns 9:24 Read by Anusha Iyer
Millington's Motor Mystery 9:13 Read by Anusha Iyer


Very Entertaining

(5 stars)

Thank you again, Librivox volunteers, for bringing laughter and entertainment and such clean fun into the lives of your readers (or listeners). It is great to know that there are unselfish people who are willing and able to give freely of themselves--their time and efforts--for the benefit of others. I believe that is what God would want us all to do (instead of thinking up new ways of hurting or causing more pain in the world). It is however, amazing that their are so few people who are taking advantage of this entirely free and wonderful way of learning about the way our fathers and grandfathers lived in the same world in which we live, but, in a world which has really changed so little in all these years. God bless you Librivox and God bless our country in which we have the freedom to learn in so many ways of the good things of life.

(4 stars)

very cute. most of the readers did a wonderful job though a few. were hard to understand

(5 stars)

OMG!!!! HAHAHAHA SO FUNNY.....poor chesterfield.... book 5 stars!! readers were all good. a must "read"

oh goodness, this is so hilarious!

(5 stars)