Familiar Letters on Chemistry

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Justus von Liebig (1803-1873) was a German chemist who made major contributions to agricultural and biological chemistry and is known for his discovery of nitrogen as an essential plant nutrient. These letters “were written for the especial purpose of exciting the attention of governments, and an enlightened public, to the necessity of establishing Schools of Chemistry, and of promoting by every means, the study of a science so intimately connected with the arts, pursuits, and social well-being of modern civilised nations.” (Summary by Wikipedia and J.M. Smallheer) (4 hr 12 min)


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Full of fun facts! Although I'm not sure of it's accuracy.

Terribly dated

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The author, a white male, steeped in the prevailing heteronormative implicit raycysm of his day probably did not realize how backward and reactionary his thought patterns were. He actually believes chemistry was about chemicals. Hahaha. Today we are more enlightened and realize chemistry is about including diverse people and genders into a cohesive tribe to fight fascism. Geez how backwards these old time white folks were