Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (version 3)

Read by Peter Yearsley

(4.6 stars; 1221 reviews)

"Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank, and of having nothing to do ..." .. and from that moment onward we drift with Alice into another world. When she sees a White Rabbit as it runs through the tall grass (looking worriedly at the watch it takes from its waist-coat pocket), she runs after it and drops into a strange dream. The world is full of chatty animals, from a rather stand-offish hookah-smoking caterpillar to the friendly Cheshire Cat which only sometimes goes to the bother of having a body. And everyone seems to be ordering her about ... or telling her to recite poetry! ... and all those verses that she once knew so well seem strangely distorted.

In this book and in "Through the Looking Glass", Lewis Carroll affectionately brought together many of the wonderful stories he told to Alice and her sisters on long summer boating trips. (Summary by Peter Yearsley)

(2 hr 43 min)


Down the Rabbit Hole 13:06 Read by Peter Yearsley
The Pool of Tears 12:35 Read by Peter Yearsley
A Caucus Race and a Long Tale 10:19 Read by Peter Yearsley
The Rabbit Sends In a Little Bill 14:33 Read by Peter Yearsley
Advice From a Caterpillar 13:07 Read by Peter Yearsley
Pig and Pepper 15:49 Read by Peter Yearsley
A Mad Tea Party 14:11 Read by Peter Yearsley
The Queen's Crocquet-Ground 14:17 Read by Peter Yearsley
The Mock Turtle's Story 14:21 Read by Peter Yearsley
The Lobster Quadrille 15:10 Read by Peter Yearsley
Who Stole the Tarts? 11:41 Read by Peter Yearsley
Alice's Evidence 13:21 Read by Peter Yearsley


bedtime! :)

(5 stars)

I listen every night to help me fall asleep. The calming voice allows me to listen to the story without keeping me so intune that I can't fall asleep. With chronic insomnia this has been a LIFE SAVER! The story allows me to "turn off" my mind and calm down enough to actually fall asleep in a decent amount of time :)


(5 stars)

I love his voice! I find his charming accent perfect for the telling of Alice and her adventures. Without missing a beat, he seamlessly weaves Wonderland into being in one's head. My son and I thoroughly enjoy this version the very best! Repeatedly. I think we are up to our fifth listen so far. He goes beyond reading, it's like he is acting it out for you. Everything is flawless, the intonation, the impressions of characters, just PERFECT all around!

Awesome Reader - WonderKrazyFull Story

(5 stars)

Beginning in a small wood just outside her home Allice follows a talking rabbit down a hole into a crazy wonderland. From Allice’s incessantly extreme shrinking and growing spurts; to the fantastically queer behavior of animals who could talk , I dare say that this may have been the oddest composition that I have yet encountered and yet I heartily believe that the whole mess could have been even , if the elements were so inclined . All in all, the insane and incoherent content of this book truly made me laugh and I will therefore recommend this story to the chipper reader.

Alice has a vary lucid dream or nightmare.

(5 stars)

well read.great soothing narration.good background noise. Alice has a dream in which she talks to anthrophomorphic creatures , changes size and get into general mischief .Alice is a lot of fun to listen to as her tale meanders and changes drastically keeping the listener surprised and amused. Some passages dragged on a bit for example the mock turtle but the narrator did sing the songs which was a nice touch albeit somewhat annoying.


(4.5 stars)

I've already read the book, but that didn't stop me from listening this cool story! I'm 9 years old and Iike this story! I like that the story isn't sooooooooo long like other books I've read. It's cool that the reader changes voice when a character talks.

(5 stars)

I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!! BEST BOOK EVAH!!!! This book was actually my fave story when I was a little girl. Now look at me still short and almost 13 years old. WOW, THAT WAS SUCH A LONG TIME A GO!!!! I'M GETTING SO OLD!!!! LOL!!!!


(5 stars)

I loved the variety of voices by peter. His voice is cristal clear. it really made the page pop busting of life. especially reading the definite edition that includes pictures!! I recommend it to everyone!! I'm off to read the sequel, hopefully a version narrated by Peter Yearsley

Wonderful reader. Delightful story

(5 stars)

This is a timeless story that is childish, imaginative, at times confusing, but a definite "must listen" (especially if you have only short spurts of time to listen). I think the reader brought this story to life with how he read the poems/rhymes and even sings a little! Even though I just listened to it, I already want to listen to it again!