The Flight of the Shadow

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(4.7 stars; 66 reviews)

A fantastical story of personal growth and a warning against the dangers of keeping secrets. This novel by George MacDonald is a deceptively easy read aimed to be accessible to teens, but the ideas will remain in your mind long afterwards. Beautifully written in the style of Gothic Novels of the nineteenth century, a story about relationships and redemption, secrets and confessions and an inspiring example of how to live in the light. - Summary by Beth Thomas (6 hr 32 min)


MRS. DAY BEGINS THE STORY 5:03 Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)
MISS MARTHA MOON 7:32 Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)
MY UNCLE 7:27 Read by Shay Davenport
MY UNCLE'S ROOM, AND MY UNCLE IN IT 13:20 Read by Shay Davenport
MY FIRST SECRET 17:00 Read by Shay Davenport
I LOSE MYSELF 10:40 Read by Mike Pelton
THE MIRROR 8:41 Read by Mike Pelton
THANATOS AND ZOE 16:17 Read by Mike Pelton
THE GARDEN 11:18 Read by Mike Pelton
ONCE MORE A SECRET 9:24 Read by Mike Pelton
THE MOLE BURROWS 7:05 Read by Mike Pelton
A LETTER 11:49 Read by Mike Pelton
OLD LOVE AND NEW 10:53 Read by AliceSparkle
MOTHER AND UNCLE 14:14 Read by AliceSparkle
THE TIME BETWEEN 3:42 Read by Denise Nordell
FAULT AND NO FAULT 6:53 Read by Denise Nordell
THE SUMMONS 14:38 Read by Mike Pelton
JOHN SEES SOMETHING 5:15 Read by Rosslyn Carlyle
JOHN IS TAKEN ILL 3:50 Read by Katie McGraw
A STRANGE VISIT 8:58 Read by Jenny Wallace
A FOILED ATTEMPT 7:11 Read by Tibbi Scott
JOHN RECALLS AND REMEMBERS 13:19 Read by Mike Pelton
LETTER AND ANSWER 7:04 Read by Mike Pelton
HAND TO HAND 13:07 Read by Mike Pelton
A VERY STRANGE THING 12:22 Read by Mike Pelton
THE EVIL DRAWS NIGHER 15:46 Read by Tibbi Scott
AN ENCOUNTER 13:34 Read by Tibbi Scott
ANOTHER VISION 7:26 Read by Tibbi Scott
MOTHER AND SON 6:10 Read by Tibbi Scott
ONCE MORE, AND YET AGAIN 13:01 Read by Tibbi Scott
MY UNCLE COMES HOME 9:23 Read by Tibbi Scott
TWICE TWO IS ONE 6:16 Read by Tibbi Scott
HALF ONE IS ONE 8:22 Read by Mike Pelton
THE STORY OF MY TWIN UNCLES 47:38 Read by Mike Pelton
UNCLE EDMUND'S APPENDIX 9:51 Read by Mike Pelton
THE END OF THE FIRST VOLUME 7:38 Read by Mike Pelton


(3.5 stars)

This is not my type of book, so I'm afraid that my review may not do it justice. It's very contemplative: the writer expresses every single thought that passes through the narrator's mind. the story, therefore, moves slowly. In fairness, some of the contemplations -- including the religious ones -- did cause me to assess my own worthiness as a human being. I suppose that is the intention of the book, but there is so much of it that it bogs down the story until about the 10th chapter. If you can hold out until then, the story picks up rapidly and becomes quite exciting. The readers are good. my favorite is Pelton. He actually saved the story for me. His reading is expressive without being overly dramatic.

Wholesome little drama

(4 stars)

Pretty standard George MacDonald read - The best passages are easily within the first few chapters, dealing with childlike faith and in a godly father figure. Still, the latter romance is good and the final twist is satisfying (as long as you don't read the chapter names ahead of time).

(5 stars)

Stunning! An insight to human relation, and the authour has an understanding of human nature, friendship, love and spiritual matters.


(5 stars)

another great book by George MacDonald. all the readers did a good job. thanks so much!

Love this book, one of my top favorites by this author.

(5 stars)

(5 stars)

good story with thoughtful character flaws.