The Autobiography of a Clown

Read by Lee Smalley

(4.7 stars; 17 reviews)

This "as told to" autobiography of Jules Turnour is based on a popular article that appeared in the Saturday Evening Post in 1909. Turnour relates through Marcosson his personal history and that of the circus, both in Europe and the United States. By recounting touching, amusing, and heartbreaking events that he experienced or witnessed, he demonstrates his love of circus life and his craft. "As soon as I hear the music of the band...and the indescribable movement of the crowd toward the big tent...I am stirred to action, the weariness falls away like magic, and I am young again." Photographs of Mr. Turnour are interspersed throughout the text, which is accessible at ~ Lee Smalley (1 hr 28 min)


Preface 4:08 Read by Lee Smalley
I Am Born in a Circus Wagon 14:59 Read by Lee Smalley
I Become a Clown 12:57 Read by Lee Smalley
I Join the Tented Circus 11:07 Read by Lee Smalley
I Tell About Clown Tricks 15:50 Read by Lee Smalley
I Learn About Life 11:39 Read by Lee Smalley
I Relate Some Clown History 9:12 Read by Lee Smalley
I Give My Creed 8:51 Read by Lee Smalley


Short, sweet, well read and interesting. A must read for performers.

(5 stars)

The Autobiography of a Clown is performed very well using clear English. The quality is crisp and clear. This is the text of an interview of Jules Turnour, conducted by Issac Marcosson. Turnour was a clown in the time before modern circuses when performers traveled in carts. He talks about the conversion to "stuffy trains" with an air of sadness. He bares witness to the golden age of the clown, before big circuses when the clown stopped talking and became a buffoon. This is a must read for any performer. I found it as relatable today as it was when it was dress off the press in 1910.


(5 stars)

"I didn't choose the clown life, the clown life chose me." is close to being true for this story. I would have loved to learn more about the art of clown life but overall great book.


(5 stars)

A very touching account of a man's life which felt wise and sincere. It evokes a great respect for those who devote themselves fully to their art

enjoyable little book

(4 stars)

Interesting, Well told story.Good narration.