Bonnie Prince Charlie: a Tale of Fontenoy and Culloden

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.4 stars; 53 reviews)

This is a tale of the son of a Scottish officer, who gets arrested for helping a Jacobite agent. Set during the Jacobite rebellion in Scotland in 1755, the boy escapes and makes it to France and shares some adventures with Prince Charlie. - Summary by Ann Boulais (9 hr 55 min)


The Return of a Prodigal 32:18 Read by Ryan Cherrick
The Jacobite Agent 33:29 Read by Ryan Cherrick
Free 27:21 Read by Ryan Cherrick
In France 28:37 Read by Ryan Cherrick
Dettingen 29:37 Read by Ryan Cherrick
The Convent of Our Lady 31:32 Read by Rachel
Mother! 30:26 Read by Adele de Pignerolles
Hidden Foes 20:31 Read by Rachel
Fontenoy 31:06 Read by Adele de Pignerolles
A Perilous Journey 31:51 Read by Adele de Pignerolles
Free 31:15 Read by Rachel
The End of the Quarrel 31:48 Read by Rachel
Prince Charles 35:26 Read by Rachel
Prestonpans 28:44 Read by Rachel
A Mission 28:31 Read by Rachel
The March to Derby 32:54 Read by Rachel
A Baffled Plot 29:06 Read by Rachel
Culloden 31:37 Read by Bria Snow
Fugitives 30:23 Read by Adele de Pignerolles
Happy Days 19:12 Read by Ryan Cherrick


(4 stars)

A good story. Mostly well read, but my heart does tend to sink when I read the words 'read by librivox volunteers'. Some chapters difficult to follow.

(4.5 stars)

really enjoyed this book. and although all who participated in reading t he book did a great Job (especially Rachael) i would have preferred less change overs in the readers.

Average, but entertaining Henty

(4 stars)

This book was an average, but entertaining Henty novel. it has most of the Henty qualities and was enjoyable to listen to. recommend!


(4.5 stars)

The first Hanoverian rulers were assuredly poor ones, but one shudders to even consider the consequences to England (indeed, to the world) if the papist Stuarts had secured the throne as virtual puppets of France. The book presents a sane look at the events from the viewpoint of a nominal Jacobite.

It started out well.

(3 stars)

It started out well then the readers changed to one child and one adolescent. It just turned me off.