Transformed; or, the History of a River Thief, Briefly Told

Read by Curt Walton

(4.6 stars; 6 reviews)

Jerry McAuley gives a testimony of his transformation from one of the wickedest men to ever live to being saved and a life of helping others do the same. (Summary by Curt Walton) (1 hr 6 min)


Preface & Chapters I-VII 26:49 Read by Curt Walton
Chapters VIII-XVII 39:15 Read by Curt Walton


oh boy another treasure from...

(5 stars)

...those wonderful volunteers of LibriVox! Love the stuff you don't find elsewhere. Get past the style of the original...these types of tales usually take the first bit to thank his god(s)...skip if that archaic language doesn't interest and it's a great true crime confession from the misty past. You have a wonderful voice Curt! Bourbon smoky nice...please read more.