Criminal Manchester: Experiences of a Special Correspondent

Read by Phil Benson

(4.8 stars; 10 reviews)

Follow the Manchester Evening News 'special correspondent' and his guide - recently back from a 'seven stretch' - as they take you on a tour through the dimly lit quarters of late 19th-century criminal Manchester.- Summary by Phil Benson (2 hr 7 min)


Charter Street: Past and Present 12:02 Read by Phil Benson
Life in Charter Street 11:02 Read by Phil Benson
What Followed in Charter Street 13:43 Read by Phil Benson
Deansgate Dens 12:51 Read by Phil Benson
Deansgate Scenes on a Saturday Night 11:36 Read by Phil Benson
Gambling and Prize Fighting 11:54 Read by Phil Benson
Women and their Masters 12:42 Read by Phil Benson
A Dog Fight: Brutality and Poverty 12:36 Read by Phil Benson
Under the Lash: A Garroter's Confession 15:22 Read by Phil Benson
Canal Street: Ginger Liz and Cockney Jim 14:00 Read by Phil Benson



(5 stars)

Excellent reading...this kind of book makes you hope reincarnation is true, so many have had such short awful lives the first (?) time around

Recommended for people interested in the period, and in true crime stories.

(4 stars)

This is an excellent little booklet. A 19th Century newspaper magnate grabbed a man who had just come out of prison and said “Wander around the seedy part of town. Tell us what you see. Shock the middle class.” Well, I imagine that’s what he said. It’s a brilliant little slice of social history in the Mayhew mould.

Nicely read

(5 stars)

thievesworld in Manchester, but still interesting