Sunshine Factory

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(4.2 stars; 51 reviews)

Seven very short sweet stories by Pansy that you will not soon forget! They are stories children will love, and everyone can enjoy. They will make you smile and laugh and bring tears to your eyes. And each one teaches an important lesson in a sweet, encouraging way. - Summary by fiddlesticks (0 hr 31 min)


Sunshine Factory 2:59 Read by fiddlesticks
Mollie's Thanksgiving 7:09 Read by fiddlesticks
Fishing 6:10 Read by fiddlesticks
Ray's Morning 4:06 Read by fiddlesticks
Nettie's Visit 5:13 Read by fiddlesticks
Warren's Verse 3:33 Read by fiddlesticks
Brown Tommy 2:29 Read by fiddlesticks


Some sweet stories

(4 stars)

I enjoyed this until the end. I wonder about the author's choice to end this collection with the story "Brown Tommy." If I listen to it again, I will start with "Brown Tommy" which is an odd little story and then the others in order to end with "Warren's Verse."

(5 stars)

listening to last story first, then the others in order, is indeed the best way to "read this book."

Sweet Book

(4 stars)

A charming little book filled with seven short stories.

nicely read by Fiddlesticks

(4 stars)

charming and instructive to all ages