Selected Poems of Robert Frost

Read by Becky Miller

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Robert Frost, who lived from March 26, 1874 to January 29, 1963, was a winner of 4 Pulitzer prizes and one of America’s best loved poets. This selection of his poems is a short walk through the variety of his simplistic natural themes and complex social understandings. (Summary by Becky Miller, Canal Winchester, Ohio)

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Pasture, The 0:49 Read by Becky Miller
Home Burial 7:14 Read by Becky Miller
Tuft of Flowers, The 2:47 Read by Becky Miller
Mending Wall 2:48 Read by Becky Miller
Birches 3:39 Read by Becky Miller
Reluctance 1:29 Read by Becky Miller
Late Walk, A 1:09 Read by Becky Miller
Fragmentary Blue 0:57 Read by Becky Miller


Not Public Domain

(5 stars)

Hi the poem you were looking for is "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" I studied it too and still have it memorized but unfortunately it is not public domain so we were unable to use it.

Short and Sweet

(4 stars)

A charming collection, pleasantly presented by the volunteer reader. I especially liked Fragmentary Blue, Birches, and Mending Wall.

(5 stars)

Versatile collection of poetic micro stories which are pleasant to listen to in the evening.

A Waste

(1 stars)

Beautiful prose ruined by a grating voice. This person should not read poetry.


(4.5 stars)

A nice reading of some examples of Frost's unique rural viewpoint.

Robert Frost

(5 stars)

drashok _ _ _ we care

Well Enjoyed

(5 stars)

Nice match of actor and poet.

Left Me Wanting More Poetry

(5 stars)

Nicely done!