Bilihild: A Tale of the Irish Missionaries in Germany, A.D. 703

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When the God-fearing Herzog of Thuringia dies, the Irish missionary settlements face the wrath of his bitterly heathen wife, Geila, and her son, now Herzog Hedan. But when Hedan falls in love with Bilihild, a young Christian maiden, he offers peace to his Christian subjects if Bilihild will become his wife. As Bilihild strives to love her new husband and protect her people, she faces increasing difficulty and danger, especially from her jealous mother-in-law. As the clouds thicken around her, Bilihild must put her entire reliance on the God whom she honors and loves. (Summary by bookAngel7) (2 hr 58 min)


Preface 2:11 Read by BookAngel7
A Dying Mother 20:11 Read by BookAngel7
Gisilhar of the Arch 25:41 Read by BookAngel7
A Noble Suitor 22:23 Read by BookAngel7
Mother and Wife 19:47 Read by BookAngel7
The Wild Hunt 11:43 Read by BookAngel7
Ill Weeds Grow Apace 27:59 Read by BookAngel7
Patient in Tribulation 12:30 Read by BookAngel7
Trouble and Escape 13:32 Read by BookAngel7
Peace at Last 22:52 Read by BookAngel7



(5 stars)

An inspiring story of unwavering faithfulness to the Lord and a sweet romance of purity and sacredness of love.

enjoyable story

(5 stars)

very enjoyable story with truths to glean. well read.

(5 stars)

Great testimony of the saving grace of Jesus the Christ.

wonderful story beautifully read

(5 stars)

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