At the Earth's Core (version 2)

Read by Mark Nelson

(4.7 stars; 244 reviews)

David Innes is a mining heir who finances the experimental "iron mole," an excavating vehicle designed by his elderly inventor friend Abner Perry. In a test run, they discover the vehicle cannot be turned, and it burrows 500 miles into the Earth's crust, emerging into the unknown interior world of Pellucidar. In Burroughs' concept, the Earth is a hollow shell with Pellucidar as the internal surface of that shell. (4 hr 57 min)


Prologue 3:31 Read by Mark Nelson
Toward the Eternal Fires 20:35 Read by Mark Nelson
A Strange World 20:21 Read by Mark Nelson
A Change of Masters 17:32 Read by Mark Nelson
Dian the Beautiful 21:27 Read by Mark Nelson
Slaves 18:30 Read by Mark Nelson
The Beginning of Horror 13:26 Read by Mark Nelson
Freedom 12:45 Read by Mark Nelson
The Mahar Temple 29:19 Read by Mark Nelson
The Face of Death 14:43 Read by Mark Nelson
Phutra Again 25:13 Read by Mark Nelson
Four Dead Mahars 13:21 Read by Mark Nelson
Pursuit 9:59 Read by Mark Nelson
The Sly One 13:03 Read by Mark Nelson
The Garden of Eden 41:22 Read by Mark Nelson
Back to Earth 22:39 Read by Mark Nelson



(5 stars)

Very well read. Great story but very similar to the John Carter series. If you enjoyed those books you will enjoy this one.

Great story, fantastic reader.

(5 stars)

Mark Nelson is the best reader on Librivox.

good adventure....great!

(4 stars)

mark nelson is a talented reader. he made this adventure a pleasure to hear.... id listen to it again and enjoy it just as much... more so than later books in the series which made pellucidar into a modern technology....(which was disappointing).

Outstanding App

(5 stars)

This is one of my favorite apps from my iPhone. I use it on a regular basis and especially while driving. The books available seem endless. The volunteer readers are very professional. I even have my favorites.

interesting story

(5 stars)

Wish Librevox would improve their review element of this app for iPhone. Never can tell if it gets sent until it's too late to go back.

Excellent story and brilliant reading

(5 stars)

A classic story and read by the brilliant Mark Nelson Possibly the best reader on Librivox

At the Earth's Core (version 2)

(5 stars)

Well read, fun listen - thanks!

(5 stars)

Enjoyable ERB stories read by one of the best Librivox readers