Pellucidar (version 2)

Read by Mark Nelson

(4.7 stars; 269 reviews)

David Innes and his captive, a member of the reptilian Mahar master race of the interior world of Pellucidar, return from the surface world in the Iron Mole invented by his friend and companion in adventure Abner Perry.

Emerging in Pellucidar at an unknown location, David frees his captive. He names the place Greenwich and uses the technology he has brought to begin the systematic exploration and mapping of the unknown land while searching for his lost companions, Abner, Ghak, and Dian the Beautiful. He soon encounters and befriends a new ally, Ja the Mezop of the island country of Anoroc; later he finds Abner, from whom he learns that in his absence the human revolt against the Mahars has not been going well. In a parlay with the Mahars David bargains for information of his love Dian and his enemy Hooja the Sly One, which his foes agree to supply in return for the book containing the Great Secret of Mahar reproduction that David stole and hid in the previous novel. David undertakes to recover it, only to find that Hooja has been there before him and claimed Dian as his own reward of the Mahars! - Summary by Wikipedia (5 hr 57 min)


Prologue 14:56 Read by Mark Nelson
Lost on Pellucidar 22:34 Read by Mark Nelson
Traveling with Terror 23:16 Read by Mark Nelson
Shooting the Chutes...and After 23:04 Read by Mark Nelson
Friendship and Treachery 23:04 Read by Mark Nelson
Surprises 23:14 Read by Mark Nelson
A Pendent World 24:49 Read by Mark Nelson
From Plight to Plight 24:04 Read by Mark Nelson
Captive 19:56 Read by Mark Nelson
Hooja's Cutthroats Appear 21:05 Read by Mark Nelson
The Raid on the Cave-Prison 21:26 Read by Mark Nelson
Escape 22:05 Read by Mark Nelson
Kidnaped! 24:45 Read by Mark Nelson
Racing for Life 15:27 Read by Mark Nelson
Gore and Dreams 25:54 Read by Mark Nelson
Conquest and Peace 28:13 Read by Mark Nelson



(5 stars)

This is my last book that Mark nelson has done his magic. if there is anyone else who thinks that he is the best of what he does, then you are in luck as he has narrated about 150 books. some are better stories than others but all are red absolutely perfect buy the great Mr Mark Nelson. unfortunately this is my last book by Mark Nelson I just hope he reads this and gives me the wonderful pleasure of narrating some more. I have listened to a lot of different readers and by far he is the best. so if you are reading this Mark please give me the great pleasure and read some more. if not thank you very much for the wonderful reading that you have done.


(3.5 stars)

The adventure is fun, but the hurried ending shows that Burroughs was tired of the whole thing. Regarding the socialism/communism established in Pellucidar, it seems fitting that this form of government is championed by one who specializes in fantasy and science fiction. The reader was excellent.

burroughs is always a fun read

(5 stars)

Reader did a really great job. The story, the sequel to 'at the earth's core', is a blast.

More underground fun and adventure

(4 stars)

I wish Librivox would make it more clear when a story is part of a series. this is part 2 of several stories of David Innes at the Earth's core. excellent reading of a good story with many twists and turns. Some hilarious opinions such as "we are saving this world by introducing them to guns" and so on. but its 100 years old ideas I guess.


(4.5 stars)

I didn't know how well ERB could follow up his first book, but I actually enjoyed this one more. A whole lot of plot packed into one book and a very satisfying ending. As always, excellently read by Mr. Nelson. I will continue to seek out his books.

(4 stars)

The reading was excellent. The story - I enjoyed ERB's imagination and could feel the social comments weaving throughout. But I didn't feel i could relate to any of the characters. I loved the opening chapter however, and ERB was clearly a very talented writer.

good story great reader

(4 stars)

Good story. It is essentially the same as the John Carter series so if you like one you’ll like the other.

most enjoyable

(5 stars)

Excellently read throughout and a great story. Very easy to follow A*