In Flanders Fields and Other Poems

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

John McCrae, physician, soldier, and poet, died in France a Lieutenant-Colonel with the Canadian forces.
The poem which gives this collection of his lovely verse its name has been extensively reprinted, and received with unusual enthusiasm. The volume contains, as well, a striking essay in character by his friend, Sir Andrew MacPhail. - Summary by from the Preface (3 hr 42 min)


In Flanders Fields 1:09 Read by SteveToner
The Anxious Dead 1:27 Read by Bruce Kachuk
The Warrior 1:20 Read by Ken Masters
Isandlwana 2:14 Read by Ken Masters
The Unconquered Dead 2:10 Read by Julia Niedermaier
The Captain 2:50 Read by Ken Masters
The Song of the Derelict 1:30 Read by RachClem
Quebec 0:59 Read by Ken Masters
Then and Now 1:13 Read by Ian King
Unsolved 1:30 Read by Ian King
The Hope of My Heart 1:12 Read by Ian King
Penance 1:25 Read by Jordan Heron
Slumber Songs 1:12 Read by Roger That Voice
The Oldest Drama 1:22 Read by Ken Masters
Recompense 1:04 Read by Catherine Grissom
Mine Host 1:07 Read by Catherine Grissom
Equality 1:05 Read by Catherine Grissom
Anarchy 1:10 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Disarmament 1:00 Read by Ken Masters
The Dead Master 0:44 Read by Ken Masters
The Harvest of the Sea 0:55 Read by Carol
The Dying of Pere Pierre 1:35 Read by Greg Giordano
Eventide 1:15 Read by Catherine Grissom
Upon Watts' Picture 'Sic Transit' 1:43 Read by Ken Masters
A Song of Comfort 1:23 Read by Catherine Grissom
The Pilgrims 1:30 Read by Carol
The Shadow of the Cross 1:46 Read by RachClem
The Night Cometh 1:15 Read by Bruce Kachuk
In Due Season 0:42 Read by Catherine Grissom
An Essay in Character - I - In Flanders Fields 16:05 Read by Ken Masters
An Essay in Character - II - With the Guns, part 1 38:56 Read by Steve C
An Essay in Character - II - With the Guns, part 2 25:29 Read by Steve C
An Essay in Character - III - The Brand of War 7:23 Read by Carol
An Essay in Character - IV - Going to the Wars 8:34 Read by Greg Giordano
An Essay in Character - V - South Africa 23:28 Read by Bruce Kachuk
An Essay in Character - VI - Children and Animals 16:52 Read by Greg Giordano
An Essay in Character - VII - The Old Land and the New 9:33 Read by Connie
An Essay in Character - VIII - The Civil Years 17:43 Read by Tony Green
An Essay in Character - IX - Dead in His Prime 19:08 Read by Bruce Kachuk