The Marvelous Land of Oz (version 3)

Read by Phil Chenevert

(4.7 stars; 118 reviews)

The Marvelous Land of Oz: Being an Account of the Further Adventures of the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman is the second of L. Frank Baum's books set in the Land of Oz, and the sequel to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Tons of exciting things happen in this book, including the story of the little boy Tip who makes a magic sawhorse and then a Pumpkin headed man come to life, runs away from the witch Old Mombi and seeks to find the Emerald City where the Scarecrow rules in all of his magnificence. Be prepared for dangerous encounters, exciting plot twists and marvelously brave (and stupid in the case of the Pumpkin headed man) heroes. Listen and be amazed! Summary by Phil chenevert (5 hr 1 min)


Tip Manufactures Pumpkinhead 8:44 Read by Phil Chenevert
The Marvelous Powder of Life 14:32 Read by Phil Chenevert
The Flight of the Fugitives 9:52 Read by Phil Chenevert
Tip Makes an Experiment in Magic 6:56 Read by Phil Chenevert
The Awakening of the Saw-horse 11:40 Read by Phil Chenevert
Jack Pumpkinhead's Ride to the Emerald City 14:16 Read by Phil Chenevert
His Majesty the Scarecrow 11:34 Read by Phil Chenevert
Gen. Jinjur's Army of Revolt 12:28 Read by Phil Chenevert
The Scarecrow Plans an escape 11:41 Read by Phil Chenevert
The Journey to the Tin Woodman 10:59 Read by Phil Chenevert
A Nickel-Plated Emperor 14:05 Read by Phil Chenevert
Mr. H. M. Woggle-Bug, T. E. 14:41 Read by Phil Chenevert
A Highly Magnified History 15:00 Read by Phil Chenevert
Old Mombi indulges in Witchcraft 12:05 Read by Phil Chenevert
The Prisoners of the Queen 12:20 Read by Phil Chenevert
The Scarecrow Takes Time to Think 10:57 Read by Phil Chenevert
The Astonishing Flight of the Gump 10:35 Read by Phil Chenevert
In the Jackdaw's Nest 21:21 Read by Phil Chenevert
Dr. Nikidik's Famous Wishing Pills 14:33 Read by Phil Chenevert
The Scarecrow Appeals to Glenda the Good 18:37 Read by Phil Chenevert
The Tin-Woodman Plucks a Rose 11:32 Read by Phil Chenevert
The Transformation of Old Mombi 8:16 Read by Phil Chenevert
Princess Ozma of Oz 14:12 Read by Phil Chenevert
The Riches of Content 10:41 Read by Phil Chenevert


Best of the Bunch!

(5 stars)

A wonderful reading! The voices for the characters and the pacing were well done, and the audio quality was consistently excellent. I listened to portions of the other versions of the book, and this one was the best! Thank you.

I Love Phil Chenevert!!!

(5 stars)

I've listened to the first series of wonderful Oz read by Phil, and I looove it so much. Thank you, Phil! Greetings from Indonesia

marvellous book and the reader, too

(5 stars)

i enjoyed both the book and the narration. it was excellent!

Many thanks for reading this

(5 stars)

Many people out there just think The Wizard Of Oz is a movie, one of the first to use full color. Only a selected few have childhood memories of these wonderful books, and these memories, we pass them to our children, so they may pass it on to theirs. Thank you, Mr. Chenevert! Much appreciated.


(5 stars)

Ive read and re read all of the Oz books throughout my life and this is my second go around listening to them. I cant say enough about these audio versions. In particular, Phil Chenevert is perfection itself as a reader of them!!

Very good!

(5 stars)

I love the Oz books; this one isn't my favourite, but Phil Chenevert's reading makes up for that. I could listen to him all day.

That was a super splendidly awesome story I really enjoyed it

(5 stars)

I really enjoyed Oz the Great and Powerful movie from 2013 what a great awesome story

Reader is wonderful!

(5 stars)

This was an awesome adventure! The reader is one of the best, and I look forward to hearing his other books in this series.