A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder

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"A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder" is the most popular of James De Mille's works. It was serialized posthumously in Harper's Weekly, and published in book form by Harper and Brothers of New York City in 1888. This satiric romance is the story of Adam More, a British sailor. Shipwrecked in Antarctica, he stumbles upon a tropical lost world of prehistoric animals, plants, and a cult of death-worshipping primitives. He also finds a highly developed human society which has reversed the values of Victorian society. Wealth is scorned and poverty revered; death and darkness are preferable to life and light. Rather than accumulating wealth, the natives seek to divest themselves of it as quickly as possible. At the beginning of each year, the government imposes wealth (the burden of "reverse taxation") upon its unfortunate subjects as a form of punishment. A secondary plot about the four yachtsmen who find the manuscript forms a frame for the central narrative.
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The Finding of the Copper Cylinder 15:39 Read by Bob Graff
Adrift in the Antarctic Ocean 17:02 Read by Bob Graff
A World of Fire and Desolation 17:31 Read by Bob Graff
The Sight of Human Beings 22:43 Read by Bob Graff
The Torrent Sweeping Under the Mountains 16:22 Read by Bob Graff
The New World 23:34 Read by JimmyLogan
Scientific Theories and Scepticism 24:46 Read by Eddie Winter
The Cave-Dwellers 17:18 Read by Eddie Winter
The Cavern of the Dead 17:38 Read by Eddie Winter
The Sacred Hunt 15:17 Read by Gayland Darnell
The Swamp Monster 18:11 Read by Gayland Darnell
The Baleful Sacrifice 13:32 Read by Gayland Darnell
The Awful "Mista Kosek" 16:44 Read by Gayland Darnell
I Learn My Doom 14:53 Read by Gayland Darnell
The Kohen is Inexorable 16:54 Read by Gayland Darnell
The Kosekin 16:41 Read by Craig J. Whitehorne
Belief and Unbelief 26:46 Read by Eddie Winter
A Voyage Over the Pole 19:13 Read by Eddie Winter
The Wonders of the "Amir" 20:07 Read by Eddie Winter
The Dark Maiden Layelah 16:45 Read by the quiet fox
The Flying Monster 19:41 Read by Eddie Winter
Escape 18:45 Read by Ralph Snelson
The Island of Fire 19:14 Read by Ralph Snelson
Recapture 23:37 Read by Ralph Snelson
Falling, like Icarus, into the Sea 13:09 Read by Ralph Snelson
Grimm's Law Again 16:11 Read by Ralph Snelson
Oxenden Preaches a Sermon 11:20 Read by Ralph Snelson
In Prison 18:04 Read by Ralph Snelson
The Ceremony of Separation 17:34 Read by Eddie Winter
The Day of Sacrifice 19:00 Read by Eddie Winter
Conclusion 11:54 Read by Eddie Winter


(4 stars)

really good book. The readers arent too bad. its changes through alot of readers though so some are better then others. will listen again though.

good story!

(5 stars)

Loved the story! Different but endearing in its own way!The voices of the readers lent well to the story.

just awesome

(5 stars)

voice of the reader is so smooth. loved the novel. he put life in novel. and pronunciation can be understood by non native English speakers. sometimes content is worth listening but reader fails to put it that way. in this case I will suggest you to go through the book. . . .listen it whole