The Art of Kissing

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The Art of Kissing is both a history of and a manual for the probably most widely practised enjoyment on the planet. (Summary by Availle) (2 hr 20 min)


I Origin of Kissing 18:51 Read by MaryAnn
II How to Kiss 15:10 Read by Kristin G.
III The Significance of Kisses 17:36 Read by Maria Kasper
IV Kissing in Different Countries 17:51 Read by Kathrine Engan
V Different Kinds of Kisses 17:07 Read by Harley James
VI Men Kissing Each Other 18:47 Read by John Burlinson
VII Excuses for Kissing 12:57 Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)
VIII The Important Consequences Connected With Kissing 19:48 Read by Mark Chulsky
Advertisement 2:35 Read by Jael Baldwin