The Chief Legatee

Read by Tony Oliva

(4 stars; 74 reviews)

"I was married to-day in Grace Church. At the altar my bride--you probably know her name, Miss Georgian Hazen--wore a natural look, and was in all respects, so far as any one could see, a happy woman, satisfied with her choice and pleased with the éclat and elegancies of the occasion. Half-way down the aisle this all changed. I remember the instant perfectly. Her hand was on my arm and I felt it suddenly stiffen. I was not alarmed, but I gave her a quick look and saw that something had happened....
...I should have passed the matter over as a mere attack of nerves, if I had not afterwards detected in her face, through all the hurry and excitement of the ensuing reception, a strained expression not at all natural to her. This was still more evident after the congratulations of a certain guest, who, I am sure, whispered to her before he passed on...
...She entered the office with me and was standing close at my side all the time I was writing our names in the register; but later, when I turned to ask her to enter the elevator with me, she was gone..." (Excerpts from Chapter 1) (7 hr 1 min)


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(2 stars)

The review entitled "Disappointing" was spot on. The ending made no sense to me. While the reason behind everything is supposed to be an important one AKG didn't explain why. I can't be clearer as I don't want to spoil things in case you decide to listen to this. It's almost as if AKG couldn't think of a decent ending so she wrote what she did but then was either bored or disappointed with her ending so she decided not to go into any real details about it. 2 stars is a generous rating.

The Chief Legatee

(5 stars)

Interesting story by a writer I only recently discovered through LibriVox Audiobooks. Thanks for that! And many thanks also to the reader. This is the second book I've heard completely narrated by him, and his careful diction as well as distinction of characters made for very enjoyable listening. : )


(2 stars)

Long drawn out mystery with no satisfying answers mark this tale of AKG's, whom I usually enjoy. This however, missed the target, unfortunately.

Disappearing Act

(3 stars)

The story was very interesting but the narrator was a bit of a drag and overemphasized the characters. If you can sit through that it is a good book. 5 stars for the book, 3 stars for the reader.

lawyers should be smarter...

(2.5 stars)

Plot is ok but a distasteful end. Lawyers should be smarter. Long (like a lot of the plots of the era). Well narrated.


(5 stars)

While this is the only possible ending, it is to wished that a post commentary had been included.,

Good listen

(4 stars)

Well read..felt the whole mystery did take a bit of a while to come round but otherwise lovely story

the chief legatee

(5 stars)

well read enjoyed the plot