Across Asia on a Bicycle

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(4.3 stars; 5 reviews)

In 1890, two Americans newly graduated from college set out to travel around the world on a then-new invention, the modern bicycle. In 1893 they returned, have covered over 15,000 miles, at that time the "longest continuous land journey ever made around the world." This is their account of their trip across Turkey, Persia, Turkestan and northern China. It described their adventures traveling along through regions few outsiders ever visited. And include climbing Mount Ararat (they didn't find an ark) and a meeting with the then Chinese Prime Minister. And numerous photographs selected from the 2,500 taken on the almost 3 year trip. (summary by Annise) (5 hr 40 min)


Preface 3:31 Read by pyfeman43
Beyond the Bosporus 37:06 Read by DJRickyV
Beyond the Bosporus Part 2 26:28 Read by Lewis-James Mordieu
The Ascent of Mt. Ararat 24:04 Read by Jim Price
The Ascent of Mt. Ararat Part 2 28:10 Read by Jim Price
Through Persia to Samarkand 31:17 Read by Mark Chulsky
Through Persia to Samarkand Part 2 23:32 Read by Mark Chulsky
The Journey from Samarkand to Kuldia 25:29 Read by Lynne T
The Journey from Samarkand to Kuldia Part 2 22:23 Read by Lynne T
Over the Gobi Desert 24:53 Read by Tony Oliva
Over the Gobi Desert Part 2 25:43 Read by Richard Shipp
Over theGobi Desert Part 3 25:52 Read by Richard Shipp
An Interview with the Prime Minister of China 20:06 Read by Availle
An Interview with the Prime Minister of China Part 2 21:37 Read by Availle


(5 stars)

Narration is a mixed bag, but I found the book interesting. If you are interested in cultures and/or history, you will likely also enjoy it.