The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (Version 3)

Read by David Clarke

(4.7 stars; 205 reviews)

This is the second book of short stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle concerning the adventures of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes and his side kick Dr Watson. It contains 12 stories published in The Strand as further episodes of the Adventures between December 1892 and December 1893 with original illustrations by Sidney Paget. - Summary by David Clarke (8 hr 53 min)


Silver Blaze 59:47 Read by David Clarke
The Yellow Face 43:26 Read by David Clarke
The Stock Broker's Clerk 40:50 Read by David Clarke
The 'Gloria Scott' 46:04 Read by David Clarke
The Musgrave Ritual 45:31 Read by David Clarke
The Reigate Puzzle 43:19 Read by David Clarke
The Crooked Man 42:40 Read by David Clarke
The Resident Patient 45:44 Read by David Clarke
The Greek Interpreter 43:26 Read by David Clarke
The Naval Treaty Part 1 39:43 Read by David Clarke
The Naval Treaty Part 2 36:43 Read by David Clarke
The Final Problem 45:56 Read by David Clarke


Brilliant As Always

(5 stars)

As if the novels/stories weren't reward enough,we're treated to masterful readings by a talented narrator. Even after reading all the works about Sherlock Holmes, I've found these audio books offer a new and entertaining rendition that delights yet again.


(5 stars)

I love sherlock holmes and now even more so with the brilliant audio work of Mr clark

great read!

(5 stars)

Always an amazing adventure with David Clark to lead the way in an incredible audio tale.

Thanks again David.

(5 stars)

I'm so grateful to David for reading to us. These are very entertaining stories and David has a most pleasant voice.


(5 stars)

I love these stories and the narrator really draws you in and makes it clear who is saying what. Highly recommended!

loved it!

(5 stars)

I can only listen to Sherlock Holmes as read by David Clark. His voice is soothing and his ability to distinguish different voices is incredible.


(5 stars)

As always, reader is absolutely excellent. Highly recommend all his readings. Try The White Company if you have heard all the Sherlock Holmes stories.

(5 stars)

Masterful reading!! Such a diversity of voices from Mr. Clarke. He made me feel as if I were a fly on the wall. "Come Watson, the game is afoot!" Mr. Clarke and Neufeld are my two favorite male readers as of today. *Mr. Clarke, thank you so much for allowing us to listen to your impressive readings. -Vivian