The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (Version 3)

Read by David Clarke

(4.9 stars; 1480 reviews)

This is the second book of short stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle concerning the adventures of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes and his side kick Dr Watson. It contains 12 stories published in The Strand as further episodes of the Adventures between December 1892 and December 1893 with original illustrations by Sidney Paget. - Summary by David Clarke (8 hr 53 min)


Silver Blaze 59:47 Read by David Clarke
The Yellow Face 43:27 Read by David Clarke
The Stock Broker's Clerk 40:51 Read by David Clarke
The 'Gloria Scott' 46:04 Read by David Clarke
The Musgrave Ritual 45:31 Read by David Clarke
The Reigate Puzzle 43:19 Read by David Clarke
The Crooked Man 42:41 Read by David Clarke
The Resident Patient 45:45 Read by David Clarke
The Greek Interpreter 43:27 Read by David Clarke
The Naval Treaty Part 1 39:44 Read by David Clarke
The Naval Treaty Part 2 36:44 Read by David Clarke
The Final Problem 45:57 Read by David Clarke


Excellent recording!

(5 stars)

David Clark encapsulates the charm and individuality of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s characters with extraordinary ease. With Clark’s narration, I have heard a characterization of Watson which highlights his good sense, loyalty, and creativity. Furthermore, with the Clark’s unique narration, the character of Sherlock Holmes is ever the gentleman and ever the formidable force against the criminal classes of London. He is less dysfunctional than most characterizations, and the tone which Clark gives him makes him into more of a hero than an eccentric drug addict who solves crimes for a living. This can be attributed to the fact that it is Conan Doyle’s writing, but I believe Clark’s characterization truly encapsulates all that Conan Doyle wanted from the character. I give all of David Clark’s recordings five stars as I enjoy them more than the films and I’m drawn into the stories. Actually, I find that I’m just as surprised as Watson in the end. Thank you, Mr. Clark for providing a wonderful reading experience!

(5 stars)

I was a fan of reading books untill i found out about audio books which it is more fun to listen... I used to read and listen and it takes me into understanding every detail of it. I hope, more stars who portray the character in movies would read books in Librivox so that imagination would hit rock reality...

Well Done Mr. Clarke

(5 stars)

David Clarke does an excellent read on these wonderful Victorian mysteries. When indicating a character change the reader changes his inflection slightly and effectively and when the character is female the shift is not to an offensive high pitch but modulated to a softer tone, skillfully done. A thoroughly enjoyable listen.

excellent reading by David Clarke highly recommend this to all

(5 stars)

a very fine collection of all of Sherlock Holmes memoirs very easy to get involved with these as David Clark is an excellent reader. I totally enjoyed this book and look forward to listening to others of Sherlock Holmes by David Clarke

(5 stars)

As always, incredible reading by David Clark ! I absolutely loved listening to these stories, his voice is so very expressive and soothing and i now have very high expectations of any audiobook i will listen to in the future ! It i could put 6 stars i would !


(5 stars)

I cannot express how much the narration has added to these stories, particularly the final chapter... Great job and as usual when it comes to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, amazing plots with interesting developments. I’m happy I finally got around to listening to these stories, totally worth the time.

(4 stars)

If you’re a Sherlock Holmes fan, you’ll most definitely enjoy his Memoirs as narrated by his infamous fiend Dr. Watson✅✅

Tremendous Narration!

(5 stars)

I've read, watched, re-read, and continue to watch the numerous iterations of Sherlock Holmes stories since I was 9, and my brother was 12. Libri Vox volunteer, David Clarke's characterization of Holmes, as well as every other person, is so closely aligned to what's written, one could believe Mr. Clarke knew the Author! These "cases" are the quintessential Sherlock Holmes tales, expertly compiled by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and superbly voiced by the incomparable, David Clarke.