Dr. Heidenhoff's Process

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(3.6 stars; 8 reviews)

Henry Burr's fiance, Madeline, is seduced by another man. The guilt and painful memories she has as a result cause him to refer her to Dr. Heidenhoff, who has developed a method to remove such memories from people's brains so that they can live happy lives. (Summary by TriciaG) (3 hr 38 min)


Chapter I 24:00 Read by Mike Golczynski
Chapter II 5:36 Read by Angelique G. Campbell
Chapter III 24:16 Read by Zoe F.W. Lyons
Chapter IV 8:37 Read by Bhavya
Chapter V 23:27 Read by acousticwave
Chapter VI 20:28 Read by acousticwave
Chapter VII 9:01 Read by acousticwave
Chapter VIII 17:55 Read by acousticwave
Chapter IX 18:17 Read by acousticwave
Chapter X 24:30 Read by Matthew D. Robinson
Chapter XI 23:03 Read by ToddHW
Chapter XII 19:14 Read by Angelique G. Campbell


(2 stars)

Mike & acousticwave give excellent recordings of proper reading & speaking. If people that sounded just like them were the only kind to volunteer then all Librivox recordings would be easily understood in their entirety making them fully enjoyable & appreciated. As far as the story goes, it's worth falling asleep to. A woman falls for a guy that disgraces her instead of a good guy. The good guy finds her & she eventually falls for him but can't get over her past. She doesn't even get the memory altering procedure she suggests. Instead she keeps herself from the good guy causing him more grief for the rest of his life.