North and South (version 3)

Read by MaryAnn

(4.8 stars; 874 reviews)

North and South is set in the fictional industrial town of Milton in the North of England. Forced to leave her home in the tranquil rural south, Margaret Hale settles with her parents in Milton where she witnesses the brutal world wrought by the industrial revolution and employers and workers clashing in the first organized strikes. Sympathetic to the poor whose courage and tenacity she admires and among whom she makes friends, she clashes with John Thornton, a cotton mill manufacturer who belongs to the nouveaux riches and whose contemptuous attitude to workers Margaret despises. (Summary from Wikipedia) (19 hr 3 min)


Ch 1 - Haste to the Wedding 25:19 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 2 - Roses and Thorns 18:50 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 3 - 'The More Haste the Worse Speed' 22:50 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 4 - Doubts and Difficulties 26:02 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 5 - Decision 29:24 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 6 - Farewell 14:56 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 7 - New Scenes and Faces 18:45 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 8 - Home Sickness 23:01 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 9 - Dressing for Tea 9:51 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 10 - Wrought Iron and Gold 20:31 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 11 - First Impressions 18:06 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 12 - Morning Calls 13:38 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 13 - A Soft Breeze in a Sultry Place 16:16 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 14 - The Mutiny 13:44 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 15 - Masters and Men 38:03 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 16 - The Shadow of Death 20:04 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 17 - What is a Strike? 20:34 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 18 - Likes and Dislikes 20:40 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 19 - Angel Visits 29:00 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 20 - Men and Gentlemen 23:27 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 21 - The Dark Night 20:15 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 22 - A Blow and Its Consequences 34:36 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 23 - Mistakes 17:55 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 24 - Mistakes Cleared Up 15:08 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 25 - Frederick 27:19 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 26 - Mother and Son 13:34 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 27 - Fruit-Piece 15:22 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 28 - Comfort in Sorrow 43:35 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 29 - A Day of Sunshine 14:49 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 30 - Home at Last 31:04 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 31 - 'Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot?' 24:45 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 32 - Mischances 11:37 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 33 - Peace 12:58 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 34 - False and True 12:16 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 35 - Expiation 36:20 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 36 - Union Not Always Strength 26:38 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 37 - Looking South 24:17 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 38 - Promises Fulfilled 32:16 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 39 - Making Friends 22:57 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 40 - Out of Tune 32:33 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 41 - The Journey's End 29:38 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 42 - Alone! Alone! 26:57 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 43 - Margaret's Flittin' 21:41 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 44 - Ease Not Peace 24:20 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 45 - Not All a Dream 7:13 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 46 - Once and Now 46:30 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 47 - Something Wanting 12:51 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 48 - 'Ne'er To Be Found Again' 14:58 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 49 - Breathing Tranquillity 14:53 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 50 - Changes at Milton 24:56 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 51 - Meeting Again 16:09 Read by MaryAnn
Ch 52 - 'Pack Clouds Away' 9:47 Read by MaryAnn


such a great reader & book!

(5 stars)

the reader does such a fantastic job! during certain emotional parts of the story, she reads with such clearness and emotion that she almost made me cry! the story is a love story, and though you may have it figured out halfway through - it is a really enjoyable tale getting to that happy moment. the book also provides a light lesson on how labor unions work and the breakdown of communication between bosses and workers. truly a moving story.


(5 stars)

This is such a beautiful novel. It tends to take me a while to get into Gaskell's stories and at times this one felt a little slow, but it's so very worth it. The social and political aspects of the novel are fascinating, and it's one of the best love stories I've ever read. The combination of politics and romance is unusual and really makes North and South unique. It's stayed with me and become one of my favourites. Mary Ann's reading is wonderful too. Can't recommend it enough! :)

Beautifully read

(5 stars)

Beautifully read. No comparison to other recordings. Very pleased.

draught does not = drawt

(4 stars)

I love this narrator's voice and change in accents with the different characters, but I can't give her 5 stars because she mispronounces the word "draught" over and over. If you're going to read older books, you really must understand the old spelling. "Draught" is the old/British spelling for "draft," as in a draft beer, or a draft of air. "Draught" rhymes with "raft", not "ought."


(5 stars)

I have read North and South a number of times throughout my 71 years of life as well as watched the BBC production of it. It has always been a favorite, but I got more enjoyment listening to this excellent reading than ever before. The dialogues are beautifully done and the emotions of the characters can be felt. Thank you, Mary Ann, and thank you, Libravox!


(5 stars)

Another great book! came here after listening to Wives and Daughters. it does end abruptly, but the more I think on it, the more I actually appreciate it! The author spends her time on the substance and so once at the end, all though I wanted it to continue, was delicious and filling. A great writer! and very well read, thank you!

First time listener

(5 stars)

This is the first time I've heard North and South and the first time I've heard Mary Anne and I loved them both! She's done a great job at captivating all of my senses so that I would forget that there was only one narrator! Will be looking for more books read by her.

(5 stars)

What beautiful reading! MaryAnn did a splendid job with the text and in particular with the very difficult Yorkshire accent. My only criticisms are in the last page. There should have been a slight pause before she read ‘How shall I ever tell Aunt Shaw?’ she whispered, after some time of delicious silence. Also, the intonation in the word ‘That’ in ‘That man!’ and ‘That woman!’ wasn’t quite what I was expecting. I would have preferred a higher and stronger intonation on the word ‘That’, followed by an element of surprise and lower tone in the accompanying ‘man!’ and ‘woman!’ However, despite the Canadian (?) accent which I soon became thoroughly accustomed to, I enjoyed this reading immensely. Many thanks!!