Coffee Break Collection 011 - Science

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This is the eleventh collection of our "coffee break" series, involving public domain works that are between 3 and 15 minutes in length. These are great for study breaks, commutes, workouts, or any time you'd like to hear a whole story and only have a few minutes to devote to listening. The theme for this collection is Science - The fascination with research, discovery, and experimentation has contributed to humanity's greatest feats. - Summary by Rosie (2 hr 44 min)


Robert Fulton 5:51 Read by Larry Wilson
Rings in the Wood 4:59 Read by Garth Burton
Evaporation 6:06 Read by Garth Burton
The Alimentary Canal Of The Rabbit 14:01 Read by Rosie
The Northern Lights 8:10 Read by J. M. Smallheer
Chinese Methods of Preserving Eggs 2:45 Read by Chris Pyle
An Eclipse From Arabia 1:55 Read by Chris Pyle
The Speaking Telegraph 4:48 Read by Chris Pyle
A Ballad Of Evolution 1:57 Read by NoelBadrian
Prickly-Pears 13:48 Read by NoelBadrian
An Account of the Procuring of the Small Pox by Incision, or Inoculation 9:07 Read by Evan Armour
Scientific Wooing 3:42 Read by Newgatenovelist
Fermentation 9:42 Read by Peter Yearsley
The Astronomer 5:47 Read by Newgatenovelist
The Pancreas Of The Tasmanian Devil 3:27 Read by Son of the Exiles
How Trees Grow and Multiply 11:09 Read by John Van Stan
The Gigantic Moa Bird 11:32 Read by heeheekitty
Pseudodoxia Epidemica, Book III, Chapter IV "Of the bever" 11:25 Read by Patrick Wallace
p-Dimethylaminobenzaldehyde from Organic Syntheses, Vol. 2 11:17 Read by Son of the Exiles
The Evidence from Mars And Its Canals 9:50 Read by Son of the Exiles
Special Section - Reading of DNA: "The Complete Genome of the Porcine Circoviru… 13:30 Read by Availle


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