Myths And Legends Of California And The Old Southwest

Read by David Wales

(4.2 stars; 10 reviews)

"...The preparation of a volume of the quainter, purer myths, suitable for general reading, authentic, and with illustrations of the country portrayed, but with no pretensions to being a purely scientific piece of work.... This volume is intended for popular use." As with most mythologies or religions, these stories tell how the world came to be, how places and peoples got their names, how social customs and mores developed, adventures of the ancestors or gods, and much, much more. (Summary from the Author's Preface and David Wales) (3 hr 23 min)


Preface 8:02 Read by David Wales
Part 1 25:15 Read by David Wales
Part 2 28:28 Read by David Wales
Part 3 26:41 Read by David Wales
Part 4 28:34 Read by David Wales
Part 5 29:38 Read by David Wales
Part 6 31:17 Read by David Wales
Part 7 26:03 Read by David Wales


a good read, oh okay listen

(4.5 stars)

We listen while driving. We liked the book and the reader. The reader seemed to fit in with the author and could have been the lady in the book. Her diction along with her voice is pleasant for our ears to hear.


(2 stars)

Required reading for an American Indian studies student, but just a little too dry for me.